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Ak Rao Pk Rao Review
Ak Rao Pk Rao
Sai Venkateswara Combians
Dhanraj, Thagubothu Ramesh, Dhasha, Shruti, Brahmanandam, M.S. Narayana, Krishna Baghavan, L.B.Sriram, Raghu Babu, Jeeva, Vennala Krishor, Kondavalasa, Hema, Sana
Kota Pati Srinu
Ak Rao Pk Rao
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, May 17, 2014 • Telugu] Comments

If I want to make stars out of Dhanraj or `Tagubothu' Ramesh, that means there is no bigger PK Rao than me.  I should be called the biggest AK Rao if I show Dharaj or Ramesh dance seriously, fight seriously, that too with reasonably hot babes.  I mean, what kind of a PK Rao/AK Rao would want to show Dhanraj and Ramesh not as buffoons, but as serious actors?

Picture this.  Two village chaps, cousins both, make good bucks overnight when they start selling Bangkok Benaras sarees, Russia `ravikas' and hell lot of other outer and inner wears.  Day after day, they bark into the mike that if the women wear what they are selling, they will raise the testosterones of their husbands!  They come up with loads of indecent references and indulge in risque talk and they are respected for doing all that, although occasionally some women detest them.  Their business rival (played by Krishna Bhagawan) loses his business and starts playing devious tactics to make their products unpopular.

Besides these primitive characters featuring in an outdated concept, there are other boring characters.  Raghu Babu plays don Dawood, who buys virgin women for a crore from the pimp Jeeva.  Jeeva's next target is getting his younger son married to the one and only sister of AK Rao and PK Rao with the sole aim of packing her off to Dubai after the marriage.

As if these outrageously boring characters and screenplay are not enough, MS Narayana plays `Policy' Paramesh and is there for no apparent reason.  His comedy track involving Kondavalasa barely evokes laughter.

The interval bang sees the meek and mellow AK Rao and PK Rao morph into pistol-wielding do-gooders, who get things done at point blank range.  They threaten the blood-sucking moneylender mother of their girls, enlighten the firefighting department about what they can do in their free time (supply water to the needy.  Is the director serious?), so on and so forth.

What is the secret behind their metamorphosis? That is the rest of the story.

This will go down as one of the worst wrong-headed comedies ever made in recent times.  One even wonders if the director needs some counselling for wanting seemingly wanting to make the two comedians seem like heroes.  With even the basics going horribly wrong, right from the expressions to the camera angles, this film simply falls flat.

All that the film has to offer is a few rhyming words and alliterative sentences.  Some lines are vulgar and the settings are almost medieval.

Only a fool would go to this movie expecting something of substance from Dhanraj and Ramesh, given that they are the main leads.  Such actors should be used to evoke laughter by making them behave like headless buffoons or making them spout satirical lines (if it is Ramesh), that too in a few scenes, not to show them as full-fledged characters.

Verdict: As unfashionable and outmoded as the title.

Rating: 1/5

Rating: NULL / 5.0

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