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Brahman Review
K Manju Cinemas, Anto Joseph Film Company
Sasikumar, Lavanya Tripathi, Santhanam
K. Manju, Anto Joseph
Devi Sri Prasad
IndiaGlitz [Friday, February 21, 2014 • Tamil] Comments


So the word experimental is very much on everyone's mouth and in Kollywood too. Shedding the image of a well etched village dude, Sasikumar is now the stylish fella, and there was much talk on how the receiving end would be. Well today is the D-day, directed by debutant Socrates, there is a lot of commercial dosage in this movie the cocktail of comedy and romance seems to be the USP these days and the director too has fallen prey. Let's put on our googles to see what this is about.

If you are stepping into the theatres to see a vivid Sasikumar, well you would get what you wanted, only not in the way you intended! Starting off with two little boys with a freaky ambition of running a theatre, we see a Sasikumar of today trying to run his theatre with utmost difficulty. Though the initial comedy sequences featuring Santhanam relieve some stress and provides gap for relief, that doesn't continue to enthrall as the humor itself is very run-of-the-mill.His transformation from a village chap to that of an urban bloke is hardly convincing, especially the dance sequences look haywire.

The previous flicks of Sasikumarwere cooked up with a purpose, and the main intention of hero would be clear throughout the movie. However we see a different Sasikumar, and the lump is rather hard to digest as he is one hero in Tamil Cinema who provokes and delivers with a standup performance and that factor is missing.

In a nutshell, this is the story of a man who is on the brink of losing his theatre that means more than his life to him. He takes up a journey to find his friend for help and the rest is history.

A lot was expected out of this director and there are a few touch yala carte scenes through the movie, with the climax making amends for the rest of the 2 hour tirade. The love sequences could have been goofed up even spicier. Lavanya looks like a Barbie doll with her looks and is just about the rookie heroine you would have expected. Santhanam's one liners and usual stack of comedy and an unconvincing romance looms through the first half whereas the search for Sasikumar's childhood friend takes us through the second half with Soori's crackers.

The second half is a cocktail of sentiments and the screenplay almost makes you feel the movie could have been christened as Karnar rather than Bramman, as the sacrifices made by the hero for his friend is infinite. The unconditional love for the theatre is truly touchy and the ends that Sasi goes to showcase his friendship dwells well.

Probably the biggest letdown of this movie would be the technical aspects from the direction to the cinematography. The camera cranked in the few scenes is blurred, was this missed or intentional would be a mystery. Through this movie Socrates has unveiled the story of unyielding friendship that refuses to budge, remarkable yes! But has done an average job in the direction department with a lot of room for err. Without his usual tryst with violence, this is a different Sasikumar at work and the man who usually has a large fan following in B & C centers would definitely feel the heat with this movie.

The music by DSP is quite soothing through the emotional scenes and a few songs live for the moment.

In all, an average outing at the BO for Sasikumar. That said the sentimental touch through the second half is convincing enough to make this a complete commercial flick.

Verdict : A commercial movie that tries to deliver the intention all the way!

Star: 2 / 5


Rating: NULL / 5.0

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