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Chandra Review
India Classic Arts and Narasimha Arts
Prem Kumar, Shriya Saran, Ganesh Venkatraman
Roopa Iyer
Gautam Srivatsa
IndiaGlitz [Friday, February 14, 2014 • Tamil] Comments

This Valentine's Day comes with a romantic, opulent treat from the award winning director Roopa Iyer. 'Chandra' was simultaneously prepared for Sandalwood and Kollywood, and it was one of the highest grossers in the former, post it's mid 2013 release. Now the movie had come to the Tamil screens too, making it Shriya's comeback after quite a while of her absence. The film is a fantasy starring Prem Kumar, Shriya, Ganesh Venkatraman, Vivek, Vijaykumar and many others.

Monarchy is abolished in India post independence, while a few still carry their pride, beliefs and traditions down through many dynasties. And this story is about royal families and protagonists Chandra. Hero Chandrahasa (Prem) is an Ayurvedic doctor who's studied it the formal way in the Himalayas. He comes around as a brave and intelligent doctor, singer and an able fighter in a true warrior breed. Chandra (Shriya) the princess on the other hand is beautifying damsel and a wonderful singer and dancer. Chandrahasa's father is Chandra's music teacher and that is how the two meet. They fall in love, and live in fantasy of their dreams. But considering family tradition and values, the princess is planned to be married of to Arya (Ganesh Venkatraman) from abroad. When the families gets to know of the affair between Chandra's, they vehemently oppose. Meanwhile, the princess is packed off to the USA with Arya and all connections between the couple is cut off. Will the Chandra's get back together forms the rest of the story.

'Chandra' involves royalties a great deal, which doesn't happen in movies everyday. Everybody has performed their roles aptly, as is required for the story. Vivekh's role in particular, as a supportive brother is interesting. But for that, the limelight is not any other cast, did everyone enjoys more or less equal importance in the film. Production design and Doss' cinematography are symbiotic in showcasing the suffocating opulence of royal families. Gautam's music is refreshing and pleasing.

Story is quite simple and straightforward, but the choice of characters is what makes the movie stand out from others. Nonetheless, it's the same thing that we have seen in abundance all these years, and thus fails to impress in a striking manner. But what might keep you involved through the two hours is the screenplay, magnificence, colourful sight and Shriya's beauty. Story of this sort is dime a dozen in Kollywood, which might render it an unintentional rhetoric appeal. However, 'Chandra' is technically sound and doesn't leave any stone unturned.

Rating: 1.75/5 - Rich, colourful, rustic love

Rating: NULL / 5.0

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