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Mallika! I Hate You - Sandeep Chowta

IndiaGlitz   [Monday, April 17, 2006]

If there is a period when a change is happening in the world of movies and music, it is NOW! While Bollywood movies are on an experimental mode, the music too is not far behind with new concepts arriving with good regularity. Sandeep Chowta is one such musician who aims at doing something different by coming up with an album solely based on a single - 'Mallika ! I Hate You'. Though there has been one such experiment before in the form of 'Mantra' that was a single from 'Euphoria', it’s for the first time that there is a good marketing and publicity effort behind a single. Sonu Kakkar, who shot to limelight with Chowta's 'Babuji' [Dum] is the girl who has been roped in to do the various versions of 'Mallika ! I Hate You' while her brother Vipin Kakkar writes the lyrics.

There are as many as four different versions of 'Mallika I Hate You' that grace the album - Original, Desi Mix, Club Mix and Lounge Mix. And no, before you start wondering if the song is targeted at any individual in particular, then that's not the case because as per the composer/singer Chowta himself, the song is an _expression of desire for someone who is inaccessible and you want her terribly in your life. And when love becomes pain, there is no choice but to say 'Mallika, I Hate You'. And yes, Mallika could be anyone; be it Urvashi, Menaka or someone else!

That's the reason why you forget about making any comparisons with the namesake celebrity because Sonu Kakkar's rendition on Vipin's lyrics has nothing to do with Mallika. Instead it’s a mischievous'n'naughty song about a young girl who is aware about her self and knows that she is the center of attraction of men-folk. A rhythmic number all the way, Chowta brings a new sound to the single, especially in the title line and the words that follow [I wanna touch you, I wanna love you, I wanna get you] that are sung by Chowta himself! The sound of a girl's giggling along with phrases like 'Just Kidding Yaar/Just Joking Yaar' add on the spice in the song.

The club version which follows it obviously builds on the original by adding on an additional beat or two that gives an impression of an increased pace. If the original was not good enough for a dance favorite, the club version more than provides an additional reason to play it in the discs/clubs/pubs.

The version that arouses most curiosity is the 'Desi Mix' because one wants to see how Chowta makes it different to suit the 'desi' taste for this song that prominently has a western base. Well, surprisingly except for the sound of 'dholki' that comes in the beginning and some slight Indian touch given in the background at place, there is nothing much different about this version. It turns out to be a little disappointing for a listener who would have been expecting something remarkably different from the 'desi' version because though overall the song is still good to hear, the 'desi' feel never makes its presence felt!

Incidentally the 'Lounge Mix' by Jay Oliver begins on an excellent note as good time in spent in building up the song. There is an excellent usage of various instruments that begin the version on a soothing note and create a mesmerizing appeal to make it a true blue lounge version. There is no sign of any voice for a good minute or so and when Neekita Nigam begins her rendering; you know that this is a different outing in store as her version moves away from the mischief and peppy feel of the original. Instead she is barely heard in the background with the orchestra taking over the center-stage to create a relaxing mood throughout the song's duration. Neekita's humming of the theme tune in a slow manner adds on the feel created by Jay and makes the 'Lounge Mix' a MUST hear!

When you read a song's title as 'Mallika Tring Tring', you know that there is something funny round the corner. Obviously it

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