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David Dhawan: I work on a plain conviction

IndiGlitz [Tuesday, April 02, 2013]

The King Of Comedy  Director David Dhawan is back with the remake of 'Chasme Baddoor' starring Ali Zafar, Siddharth, Dibendu and Tapsee. IndiaGlitz got candid with this talented director where he talked about how he was convinced by Viacom to do the remake.

What is the reason of making remake of 'Chasme Baddoor'?

No reason. It is not like I am making Amithabh Bachchan Don. I was signed by Viacom. They came up with the idea and they gave me as they have taken the rights of 'Chasme Baddoor'. They asked how about you making the film. Then I said let me see it. It is a 30 year old film. I saw the film once and then again. I have a connection with the original one because in that Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Vaswani were there. Rakesh is still my friend, he was my classmate. We studied together at FTI. We used to stay together. When this film was made it was in front of me. In this Deepti and Farooqh was there so edited together. I liked the film. There was something in the film. That's why I picked up the film.

How many changes are there in the film?

Lot of changes. The basic feel is there but there is lot of changes. The soul, the thought of two kaminas and one accha is the same. Then there is Renuka the writer of mine provided by Viacom. I was not sure I will make it. Then I called up my dialogue writer and then again I heard the whole story, then I said yes to the movie.

Why you were not sure of making it?

Because I wasn't enjoying while writing. I wasn't enjoying the script. See today pace is different. The characters and many more things are different but there was some innocence in the original that make me enjoy the thing. Then main thing writing also matters. And I don't have star in the film also. When you have star then put 4 highlights like 4 good fights, 4 good songs then films work at box office. But when I started the film day by day I started enjoying the film. The newcomers are obedient and they are good actors. My first and formal condition is the actors should be good because you see all my films Salman or Govinda the performances are high rated. Then I had Rishi Kapoor who is playing the major role. Anupam Kher is also playing a major role. So I took friends of mine only.

What makes you to take new comers in the film?

The cast was needed in the film. Even if you cast a single star then the entire focus go that side. Then the audience perception also changes. There is lot of realism in the film. It is a commercial film but still it is very close to realism. When you look at it you will say such thing can happen.

Have you thought of casting big star in the film?

Not at all. I did more like I am making a film in masti but my script work was very strong. Then music also I take little time to understand what is suiting the film. The song "Har Ek Friend Kamina Hota Hai" is the story of the film.

Your brand of comedy is different so what was it difficult while making this film?

Not really. I work on a plain conviction. Whichever comedy it is I have an instinct action. Definitely today's cinema is very casual today. Earlier there was really very drama in Dilip Kumar, Rajkumar's films. Each dialogue got its weight. Today cinema has changed and I believe if you don't change then the public will change you so it is better you change.

Is Varun Dhawan doing a cameo in the film?

No. Varun and I are already doing a film together where I am directing and Ekta is the producer. It is a remake of the south film.

But why remake?

It is not we are short of script or something. I have not touched any big film just a small film. 'Chasme Baddoor' is the film of 80's and many people have not seen it because it is 30 year old film.

There are reports that the director of the original Sai Pranjpe is not happy as you are directing the film as her and you sensibility differ?

She didn't tell me so. I knew her very well. She never ever called me or said me. I have not stolen anything. The rights are officially taken and brought by Viacom. Viacom are the producer and I have directed the film. So everyone have the right to react.

Rakesh Bedi of the original film said there is problem with the content of the film that is why film maker opt for remakes?

Rakesh is very dear friend of mine. If he said so, then it is back slapping. He can say and even I can say such thing about him. We are so close friends. But yes content problem happens definitely. Some people will deny some will not. To write a script takes lot of time. You may take 2 years also. See my film Aankhen, Shola Aur Shabnam, Raja Babu they are damn good films. South remake is also happening. If you see the Salman Khan the biggest star in the last 3-4 films all are south remakes. Overall we make their film they make ours and we are very much influenced by west defiantly. Now you just can't make it you need the rights to support it. Inspiration is not you just chhapo the film.  Chasme Baddoor is a different film altogether.

How you will define govinda and salman for today's generation?

I can't say. It will take time. The calibre of acting and performances are too high. They are very good, fantastic. They don't have any competition. One ajuba like govinda who is an all rounder can do anything dance, acting, emotions, comedy, fight also and he looks good as well. He had all the ability.

Any plans to do films with him?

We did 16 films together. If any good script comes then I will definitely work with him.

Do you think that Varun has the potential to be next Salman Khan?

He has to prove it.

Why the whole controversy of Chasme Baddoor started?

The title Chasme Baddoor if this was not kept then the discussion would not have happened only. Half of the people didn't even realise it until and unless they saw it and said yes it is a bit similar to the movie Chasme Baddoor. The whole controversy is the title has created. And basically they want to release the film also now.

The release of original film on the same day. Do you think it will affect the remake?

No yaar. I am happy. Both the film should work.

Karan Johar and many directors working with new comers? I am very happy. Somebody will give chance to new comers. Even they were new at some time. Rajshri has given chance to Salman. Now I have made so many films; then now I don't have to prove to anyone. I rather prove what I can do.

As you have worked with all the biggies in the industry so is it difficult to make new comer to understand the way of your working?

If you look into my career I practically worked with everyone.  Big B, Rishi Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha, Raj Babbar etc...yes but at times what happen these kids surprise you. You don't compare the new comer it looks quite different on the screen and it got its own enjoyment.

 After comedy will you move to another genre?
 Definitely. It is just comedy as well as emotion. In my all film there are small amount of emotions. In Hrishi da film there is emotions...haste haste rula do and rulate rulate hass do.

Whom do you think Varun should work from this generation of directors?

Raju Hirani. His cinema is very good and he has so much comedy in the film but it goes with the emotions. Even Anurag Basu is very good I really like him.

Does Varun come and discuss films with you?

We try hard from outside but he say I know what I am doing dad. This generation is different but still he speaks his point of view.

Any of you film remake?

Maybe but doing remake of you own film is quite difficult and it is little dicey.

 You have given very good movies did you think of any sequels?
 Partner is one film but it didn't happen and Salman got busy.

So the sequel not happening?

I don't know. You can't trust this field anything can happen.

Did you think about Judwa sequel? The other makers who wanted to make Judwaa, later opted out as they said they can't take your brand?

It is not easy also. If I will make then it will be totally different but not with Salman because Salman has played to the hilt yaar. And now I don't think he wants to do also. Now he will do different cinema.

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