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    I am open to any kind of roles be it comic or even negative! : Karan Sharma

    [Interview by Joginder Tuteja]
    Friday, September 23, 2005
    Star sons and daughters are known for making a foray into the world of Bollywood on a regular basis. But rarely do you a see a filmmaker''s son being launched with such fanfare. If one remembers hard, the last notable debut of a filmmaker''s son [who went on to make a mark] was Hrithik Roshan who made his pap Rakesh Roshan proud. Will Karan Sharma, son of Romesh Sharma [who last make a film around a decade and a half back (Hum - 1991)], too would be able to repeat the fate?

    The best part about this ''soon-to-be-turning'' 24 year old guy is that he neither tries to be a cool dude nor shows off as someone who is overconfident. Yes, if there are any nervous pangs before the release of his debut movie, then he is now showing that. Extremely well behaved and courteous, he is a just a normal guy amongst us [though he stands amongst the crowd due to his 6 feet something stature], who is probably just a little bit shy but quite down to earth and approachable!

    Let''s talk to the man of the moment in this conversation with Joginder Tuteja at a promotional event of the movie Dil Jo Bhi Kahey at PVR Plaza, New Delhi.

    Karan, finally we have someone who can look straight into Amitabh Bachchan's eyes and match step-by-step.

    [Blushes] No, that's not the case. When it comes to him, I just kept my head down and followed the instructions.

    Tell us something about 'Dil Jo Bhi Kahey'?

    Set in Mauritius, itís a simple, sweet, innocent and a subtle movie about a young couple [Annabelle and myself] in love. Then this guy has loving parents [Amitabh Bachchan, Revathy]. There are some conflicts that arise due to the guy choosing a girl for himself. While his mother is apprehensive about this relationship, his father tries to bridge this gap between his son and his wife.

    In DJBK you play a lively young character. What kind of person you are in your real life?

    I am a bit of quiet person to begin with. People whom I am meeting for probably the first time may find me a bit reserved. But then after a few meetings I open up and do talk a lot. [Chuckles] In fact my friends who know me for years mock at me when they read my interviews where I say that I don't talk too much !

    Since you father belongs to the film industry, did you visit sets often when you were growing up?

    I did visit sets and remembering walking into the shooting of 'Jumma Chumma' while 'Hum' was being filmed. I was there for some time but then since I was too young, I was sent back home by dad as he feared I may get lost on the sets !

    As you father had been in films for years, did you always knew that you would be an actor one day?

    I didn't 'know' I would be an actor, but then I always 'wanted' to. See belonging to a family where you have people belonging to film fraternity stepping in the house too often, you obviously get to hear a lot of things. In fact this is what helped me learn the film craft as well. Directors used to come and talk about film making. They used to recommend certain books, certain styles, some nuances that help a person making up his mind to be in films.

    Do you remember your first shot in the movie?

    Oh yes, it was for a dance sequence. It went like this - sound, camera. And as soon as I heard the camera roll whirring, I froze !!!

    So how long did it take for the first shot to be canned?

    [Smiles] 10-15 minutes

    How do you find dad as a director?

    He is quite good. In fact his asset is his narration since he has been an actor himself. He makes you understand the scene completely before you get in front of the camera.

    And how about the ladies opposite you? Do Annabelle and Bhumika belong to different schools of acting?

    Not really. It's not about them belonging to different schools of acting. They are just different, that's it. On the sets, with Annabelle there used to different kind of conversation since she is from London and I had done my Business Management course from there too. So we could talk about the city. Whereas with Bhumika, there were different talks like 'how could you do such dangerous stunt in that movie'?

    You are starting off with a conventional romantic launch. So what are the other kind of movies you want to do?

    I am open to any kind of roles. If there is an interesting negative character to be played, I will do that. If there is a comic role in the offering, I am fine with that too!

    What have been the reactions from the industry since the promos of DJBK have been out?

    [Says with a wide grin] No one would really come and tell me on my face that you are looking bad. No one said yet that 'tum bahaut ghatiya lag rahe ho' [that you are looking horrible]! So finally its the audience that is going to decide how have I been in the movie. Though what I have been consistently hearing from both within and outside the industry is that the movie has a very fresh look about it.

    And that's something which even I won't deny. Especially the title song 'Dil Jo Bhi Kahey' that has you in a playful mode is quite charming.

    Thanks a lot. In fact that's my favorite song too. It has a young appeal about it.

    You must have heard it a hundred times now that you have a stark resemblance to Shahid Kapoor, probably a taller version of him.

    [Smiles] Ya, in fact all the time. Can't help it though! I just tell them that its my face and I can do nothing about it. That's not under my control [smiles again].

    So let's end the conversation with a rapid fire round. Any favorite movie?

    Cinema Paradiso is my ala time favorite. It's an Italian movie. Amongst Hindi movies there are three in fact - Sholay, Agneepath and DDLJ.

    Favorite actor?

    Two again - Mr. Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan.

    Favorite actress?

    One and only one - Rani Mukherjee. Especially after 'Black', she is right up there in my list.

    Well let's hope that you and Rani are paired opposite each other one day and we could have a 21st century version of Amitabh Bachchan - Jaya Bhaduri pairing. All the best Karan and hope the movie turns out to be a success.

    Thank you so much.

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