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    Rimi Sen: “I would do a ‘Black’ when I am old and can’t dance”

    [Interview by Faridoon Shahryar]
    Tuesday, June 27, 2006
    She says that she is not like the usual Bengali girls who are into intellectually stimulating cinema. In other words, no Satyajit Ray for her! She likes her song-n-dance, a dash of comedy, good people to work with and a large cast so that she doesn’t have the burden of expectations on her petite shoulders. Meet the effervescent actress Rimi Sen whose latest comic flick ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ is rewriting history at the Box Office. With her next stylish comedy ‘Golmaal’ about to be released in a couple of weeks, Rimi gets up-close-n-candid exclusively with IndiaGlitz:

    What kind of feedback have you got for your performance in ‘Phir Hera Pheri’

    (Diverting the question) I am getting good roles, getting a chance to work with good people. But I don't want to do too much of comedy. I am just waiting for the right opportunities. It is not as if I won't do any more comedies. Maybe one or two. But I won't do only comedy comedy comedy.

    Do you think the male members of the cast in ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ were highlighted more than you and Bipasha?

    These days mostly it is the male dominated films that are being made. Female oriented themes are few and far in between. And they who make such films burn their fingers at the Box Office as such films don't run. It is better to do films with good banners and good actors.

    What is your criterion for selecting a role?

    In the first two years I concentrated on who’s the director, producer and actor. Now I am concentrating on director, actor and then I am interested in finding out as to how my role is going to shape up.

    Would you like to do any female oriented roles?

    No…Not now. Very unsafe. I feel people want to watch good actors. And personally I don't think I have that capability of pulling audiences to theatres merely on my appeal.

    In ‘Deewane Hue Pagal’, you were the solo heroine while Akshay, Shahid, Sunil and Aftab ran after you. Critics even appreciated your performance in that film…

    If I have seven or eight films then I shall do a film which has only me as the solo lead heroine.

    In ‘Golmaal’ you are the only heroine as well…

    (Being evasive again) ‘Golmaal’ is a very colorful film. It’s a young film involving young people. I had a lot of fun doing it.

    How was the cast to work with?

    Arshad, Sharman, Ajay….They are great people to work with. I hoped the shooting shouldn't have ended.

    Did you have boys chasing you in college?

    No boy comes after me as I talk so much.

    What is you Zodiac Sign?


    There have been reports that you are heavily into workouts in Gym and that you frequent the Gym religiously six days a week…

    People say anything. Half of the days I go to gym and the other days I don't go to gym at all. I go sometime when I don't have any work just for timepass. And by seeing other people doing workout I feel as if I have done my workout as well.

    You started with a video for Pop group Euphoria which was directed by Pradip Sarkar. And then you did a Cola Add with Aamir Khan. Would you like to do an Add again?

    If the brand is good and if the money is great then why not…

    If a Palash Sen (Euphoria) asks you to do a video for them at this juncture in your career, would you like to do it?

    Mmmm…It depends. If the video is good then I would want to do it. I am connected to them, have worked with them before so if the opportunity comes again I would definitely do it as I started my career with them.

    Has ‘Parinita’ director Pradip Sarkar approached you for a film or have you approached him for a role in any of his film?

    I am in conversation. But till the time something is signed on the dotted lines it won’t be proper to say anything about it.

    Being a Bengali have you ever thought of doing intellectually stimulating roles like ‘Parineeta’.

    I don't have the sense to understand all this artistic sensibilities. I don't understand Satyajit Ray kind of cinema. Whatever my director tells me I just go ahead and do it. If I like the script and if the people are good then I do a film. And I don't think like other Bengali women I am beautiful at all. I am an exception of a Bengali. Exceptional Bengali!

    Who are the directors you’d like to work with?

    Abbas Mastan, Anees Bazmee. There are too many actually.

    Any serious roles like ‘Black’ for you…

    I would do such roles when I grow old. When I won't be fit to dance and all that, then I would do such roles.

    Ever thought of doing item songs…

    No item songs for me

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