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    “Emraan and Irfan were so comfortable that they could have married each other”

    [Interview by Faridoon Shahryar]
    Monday, July 17, 2006
    “Emraan and Irfan were so comfortable while shooting for ‘Killer’ that I told them that they may as well get married to each other,” says Rakhsa Mistry. “I am an impatient kind of guy who has an editor’s attitude,” says Hasnain S. Hyderabadwala. The duo are zealously looking forward to their debut directorial venture ‘Killer’ that releases this Friday. Having assisted the likes of Dharmesh Darshan, Rakesh Roshan and Vikram Bhatt, both of them are experts in post production and consider Mahesh Bhatt’s company as their “Home Company” as they have done post production work of most of their recent films. In a candid interview with IndiaGlitz they were honest enough to accept that ‘Killer’ is inspired by Hollywood flick ‘Collateral’. “But we have indianised it,” they echo the point together. Over to the apprentice-turned-directors:

    Is Killer your debut film?

    Raksha Mistry: Yes, it is our debut film together.

    As a team have you done anything together earlier?

    Hasnain: As team we were assistants.

    Raksha: As a team we were with Mr Dharmesh Darshan for ‘Raja Hindustani’. It was my first film and I think his second film as an assistant director. We ended up doing three films with Mr Darshan, ‘Raja Hindustani’, ‘Mela’ and ‘Dhadkan’. Then we branched out individually. He joined Vikram Bhatt and I assisted Rakesh Roshan on ‘Krrish’ and ‘Koi Mil Gaya’. We were all the time associated with Bhatt Sahab (Mahesh Bhatt). I’ve done most of the post production work for Tanuja Chandra’s films. As technicians, it is almost a home for us.

    Hasnain: I’ve done around nine films for Bhatt Sahab like ‘Kasoor’, ‘Raaz’, ‘Inteha’, ‘Footpath’. This is like a home company for us. And the home company has given us this break.

    How did Killer happen?

    Raksha: ‘Killer’ happened like a dream project. As assistants we’ve always been hoping for good breaks. And we were very lucky. We had told Bhatt saab earlier as well that if you have something, do keep us in mind. We met lots of producers and then suddenly out of the blue, Bhatt saab called us and said that ‘I have something for you’. We went there and he narrated us a basic one line and asked if there is any interesting motif. We said yes and told him to give us two days. It was something that both of us wanted to do. Within two days we got back and narrated a basic screenplay to Bhatt saab and he jumped and said that let’s do it right now. It just happened.

    It is being said that, ‘Killer’ is based on ‘Collateral’. What about that?

    Hasnain: There is similarity with ‘Collateral’ in terms of the fact that we have taken the basic skeleton. But our story is completely different.

    Raksha: Our inspiration was ‘Collateral’ we are being honest about it. But ‘Killer’ is indianised. It’s a hostage situation. The basic similarity between ‘Collateral’ and ‘Killer’ is that we have a cab driver and a killer sitting behind. If we make a hijack film, people will say that you are making a film on ‘Kandahar’. The situation is the same, but story is completely different. I am happy when people say that you are making ‘Collateral’ for when they go and see the film they’ll realize how different it is.

    What’s the difference?

    Raksha: I found ‘Collateral’ to be a very depressing film. It was lopsided. Even though Tom Cruise was the killer, he still was the star, whereas our film is from Emran Hashmi’s, the taxi driver’s point of view. It’s a making of an age film. Emraan is coming with a school boy attitude when confronted with death. He comes to a point in life when he faces death from close quarters and starts questioning his existence. And when it is your enemy who makes you confront your very existence, then you become something else. This movie is about how Emraan grows from point A to point B in his personal life at the end of the ordeal.

    How do we introduce Raksha Mistry to our readers?

    Raksha Mistry is known by her team as the psycho of the team. And I am a person who is a cinema lover and who is very very happy and very very lucky to be in this line. I think we couldn’t have had a better debut. I am basically from Africa. My father is a metallurgist. I’ve lived there for sixteen years. And I have done my masters in Organic Chemistry. Films happened as good friend Manish Malhotra introduced me to Dharmesh Darshan. I joined him as a clapper boy.

    And how do we introduce Hasnain S. Hyderabadwala?

    I am an impatient kind of guy. I have this editor’s attitude that shot is over here so just cut it from here. I am from Bombay and have been born and brought up in the film line. My father is also in this line. Even my grandfather was related with films.

    Do you make movies to entertain or make yourself feel that you are very intelligent?

    Raksha: Always entertainment. Our school of filmmaking has been Mr Dharmesh Darshan, Rakesh Roshan and Vikram Bhatt. That school itself says that we are here to entertain. But we do enjoy telling a good story.

    Hasnain: We are complete entertainers. We don’t make movies to satisfy our egos or satisfy the so called intelligence.

    Lot of dry humour in the film…

    Raksha: Yes, and that’s the USP of the film. The fantastic chemistry between Emraan Hashmi and Irfan Khan has to be seen to be believed. We had a blast on the sets because of that chemistry. The sheer chemistry and the relationship between the two is so fab. I told Emraan that you are so bloody comfortable with each other. One Take OK ho jaata hai. Itna husband wife type tha!

    Hasnain: In fact we had written as a Tom and Jerry kind of story. Sometime the power is with one while it is with the other at some other occasion.

    What is Nisha Kothari doing in the film?

    Raksha: Nisha Kothari is playing the third main character. She is a bar dancer. ‘Killer’ is basically of three main characters, Nisha, a bar dancer, a cab driver Emraan Hashmi and a Killer who enters their life. And this killer is responsible for changing their lives in one night.

    Hasnain: The situation brings Emraan and Nisha closer to each other.

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