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    “After ‘Dhoom 2’ people will go to Brazil,” says Sanjay Gadhavi

    [Interview by Faridoon Shahryar]
    Monday, November 20, 2006
    “Mr Yash Chopra shot in Switzerland and it promoted people to choose that as a holiday destination. After watching ‘Dhoom 2’ people will feel like going to Rio in Brazil. It is Hot,” says director Sanjay Gadhavi who is excited about his big ticket release ‘Dhoom 2’ this Friday. The articulate director talks about hot Ash and Bips why Hrithik makes a cool bad guy and why music of ‘Dhoom 2’ rocks. Over to an IndiaGlitz exclusive in two parts.

    Something about Dhoom 2

    I am just happy. It’s a great relief. It’s a difficult film to make in terms of physicality. There’s a sense of curiosity as to how the audience is going to receive it. I have my finger crossed.

    Difficult in what sense…?

    The physicality, the nature of the film, you have to go to different places, stand up to sandstorms, good action sequences are made up of every little small shot, the temperatures are extreme, 130 days of shoot spread over a year and half and then you are telling a story…You have to remember that…

    How difficult is it to put together a sequel, considering the expectations and a big starcast?

    The more honest a filmmaker is as compared with results of his earlier film, the better it is. Then there’s a level headed producer in Aditya Chopra. We make a good team. We were honest in saying to ourselves that the biggest reason in ‘Dhoom’s’ success was that nobody expected it to be such a hit. When every viewer comes to watch ‘Dhoom 2’ that’s where Aditya Chopra comes in when he says that let’s take one thing at a time and work on a script which may work even if ‘Dhoom 1’ had not happened. Then the casting happened. We looked for a new bad guy. It is Jai and Ali’s new adventure. Then we cast Hrithik Roshan for he has not played this kind of role before. And Hrithik has excelled himself in the film. This guy pulls off the biggest heists as it gives him a thrill. And this time he doesn’t have a gang. Then there’s Aishwarya along side….Throw in Bipasha Basu…Go to exotic locations…So, that’s the kind of things that we’ve been doing.

    It was said that after ‘Krrish’ a lot of special effects were added to ‘Dhoom 2’

    People forget it’s the same actor. When we narrated the story to him, take him through the action sequences, special effects etc. then he is a man of enough intelligence to understand that it is not as good, less, or its whatever. He didn’t react in any such way. He was very happy with the script and the narration of ‘Dhoom’. If I remember correctly then he said that action in ‘Dhoom 2’ is bigger than ‘Krrish’. He said how the hell in the world will we pull it off! We said we will….And we did. So, there’s no truth in this matter. I would also like to say that the level of planning that goes in any film at Yashraj has to be seen to be believed. Every action sequence in ‘Dhoom 1’ was storyboarded which means drawing each shot in a professional manner with professional sketch artiste months in advance. And my storyboard artiste Samar has done a great job in ‘Dhoom 1’ and ‘Dhoom 2’. We have every action sequence sketched out on paper. And in ‘Dhoom 2’ we went a step further by doing pre visualization or pre viz which means that you do animated action sequences or rushes. I personally edit it. We time it. The characters look like Hrithik, Abhishek, Uday etc. Then we put the whole thing on a computer and the whole team sees that. And if Hrithik has seen it months in advance, then wouldn’t he know. And we did watch the rushes of ‘Krrish’ to make sure that there’re nothing overlapping in terms of the look or styling.

    The music reviews of ‘Dhoom 2’ have been a bit critical as compared to ‘Dhoom 1’….

    I am going to stop defending the music of ‘Dhoom 2’. Keep aside everything of ‘Dhoom 2’ be the action or whatever my fingers are crossed but one thing I am super confident about is the music. I went on record to Aditya Chopra even before a single song was recorded that the music of ‘Dhoom 2’ is more complete than ‘Dhoom 1’ and it is going to have a better impact. The mistake that people make is that when the music of ‘Dhoom 1’ came there were no expectations. It just happened. All the songs of ‘Dhoom 1’ were exceptional but that one song raced ahead. We had a reproduction of ‘Dhoom’ but the rest of the songs are better support songs. ‘Krazy Kiya Re’ is an outstanding song and it’s a matter of time all those people who’ve written those reviews shall be eating their words.

    Brazil is going to start an Indian film festival especially after ‘Dhoom 2’ was shot…

    Rio in Brazil is one of the most exotic destinations for holidays. Mostly men go by themselves. It’s a promising country in terms of the fun that you can have. The first time I went to Rio, I expected something magical to happen the minute I land in the airport imagining that twenty women in bikinis with g-strings coming and hugging me and saying me ….where have you been Sanjay all our life….But nothing of that sort happened. And I said to myself that what’s the hype all about? It’s just another place. I’ve been to Maldives and it’s a far better place. But as I stayed there for a week ten days, then there’s something in the air that does to you. It was good on our part, especially the producer Aditya Chopra to expand his budget to go half way across the world. For even the cheapest economy class ticket for Rio is an obscene amount. And then taking 120 people of the crew and then hiring some people there and shoot there it was exciting. We have tried to capture as much of Rio as possible. There’s a huge statute of the Christ, the beaches and the bikinis, the carnival and everything was just amazing. This is the first time an Indian film is shot in South American continent. Mr Yash Chopra had started the trend of shooting in Switzerland and promoted people going there. After, ‘Dhoom 2’ people are going to feel like going to Rio. It is hot.

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