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    “Bipasha is a cool girl,” says Aishwariya Rai

    Wednesday, November 22, 2006
    “Bipasha is a cool girl,” says Ash. She adds that what’s common between herself and Hrithik is that both are obsessive about their work. Well, Aishwariya Rai is looking a million dollars in ‘Dhoom 2’ promos…The song suits her mantra….Krazy Kiya Rai…Yeah…The whoel country is going nuts on her drop-dead-gorgeous look as Sunehri…Check out her opinion on what makes ‘Dhoom 2’ special in an exclusive interview.

    Did you do your stunts yourself? What was it like?

    A couple of them, as would go with an action film and with safety first being the mantra always in every film set and that isn’t anything new, its common knowledge, within the film fraternity as well as the audience. But nevertheless a lot of the work was something that we as a team of actors and technicians did push ourselves for, to experience the adrenaline rush first person because that’s what makes it super exciting in terms of what you deliver and also in terms of what the audience gets to actually experience on screen when they see the artist/ actor in person, pushing themselves beyond the norm. The high point probably was actually at Orabi Gorge, where we had the jump, there’s this one moment where Hrithik’s character Aryan challenges Sunehri, (that’s me) in the film to jump, given the premise of the scene which when you see you will enjoy it, and she takes a beat and goes for it and so does he and you see a glimpse of that in the promos.

    You are playing a negative role in Dhoom 2, what was it like and what was the rationale behind taking on this role with negative shades.

    Firstly all the talk on a lot of aspects of ‘Dhoom’ and my character in the film, I guess assumptions are fine, because it definitely keeps the curiosity picking and the audience out there wondering, how much truth there is to it, so I am wondering whether at this point in time I should shed more light or let the audience go discover for themselves in the theatres. Speculation has been aplenty right from the time we starting filming, so it’s all a lot of assumptions. Slating or slotting the characters already I don’t think should be done, because I will not define my character as negative or positive for that matter because she’s a live wire in the film and with a character that’s just typically her, when you discover Sunehri you will find that she’s just a singular individual, it will take you a while to even figure her out and that was the idea in the way we agreed that I perform her, where you will not be able to slot her, she completely throws you.

    This is your first film with Hrithik and Bipasha, how was the experience of working with them?

    Superlative, I mean it really has been fantastic, fun just like the rest of the team, be it Abhishek, Uday, I think the fact that the 3 of them have known each other since childhood, they constantly share their anecdotes which just made you feel that you belong to those bunch of kids who went to those Birthday parties, or hung out in their schooling years, you just felt that you were part of the inner circle, because it was so wonderful to see them spontaneously and at the most unexpected moments, have a recollection and relive it, made you feel you were there as well and the brief moments that I got to share with Bipasha, I must say she’s a real cool girl, and I am glad we are a team on this film, all of us, because the camaraderie was genuine, the spirit was fab and the energy was about being team players, and that’s something that everybody brought to the table very professionally while on the job and aside it just kept the energy what it should be, on a film like this, very naturally. So we had a blast while making the film, solely zeroing on my specific co-star for the film, that is my pair that’s Hrithik, like he himself was saying that its great that he also had eased up a lot and he says that generally, not just from this film, we had a world tour and a commercial together and I guess both of us had been psyched by perception about being extremely professional, being very detailed, almost obsessive about our work, each of us had been told that about the other, but when we have worked together, I can safely say that, I think that’s a given.

    What do you think of the music of Dhoom 2 as compared to Dhoom?

    I would never make comparisons, because the fact is that ‘Dhoom’ was a super success and it was a signature tune at that point in time, in every club, car, bikes, a raging success, and I am glad that ‘Dhoom 2’ was received with equal if not more responsive. It has been superlative again and very very positive, and I think it was very clever, to have the first promo go on air with KANK, it was very gratifying for the whole team to have received such a tremendous response, where the audience was already in Dhoom 2 while watching the movie! This is something we heard in first person, we all received it on text and as a team we were overjoyed. It was very very good to know that people were so looking forward to this film, with so much anticipation, we’ve had a blast making it, so we can’t wait to share it with our audiences.

    Did you watch Dhoom and what did you think of the film?

    It’s evident that because at that point it was definitely a cluster breaker. The identity is youth but I take it as just going by the success, they become family experiences that kids enjoy, parents go the entire family goes and they just have a good time, and you come away with an adrenaline rush. I sincerely believe that age is a state of the mind, even 20 years later I will say this. And everybody has been there done that or has aspired to be there do that and have all these experiences in person, if not, cinema is the perfect dream world, the closest thing to experiencing any moment in person. So it was good to know that Dhoom was well embraced, so when approached with the idea of ‘Dhoom 2’ touted as a sequel, but I always call it yet it is a brilliant idea, and Adi knew what he was doing when he came up with this idea, going by the response. We were very very happy to be on team, its really funny, how 20,000 ideas fly around within the team of course, about the next Dhoom and the next Dhoom, and the next Dhoom, so it obviously a very clever franchise.

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