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    “I can’t strip myself of glamour,” says Tanushree Dutta

    [Interview by Faridoon Shahryar]
    Thursday, January 18, 2007
    “Glamour is something which I believe is an essential part of me which I can’t strip myself of,” says actress Tanushree Dutta who is awaiting the release of two films ‘Bhagam Bhag’ and ‘Risk’. Having started off her career with steamy roles in films like ‘Aashiq Banaya Apne’ and ‘Chocolate’, Tanushree is looking forward to more performance oriented roles and no, she is not perturbed by perverts who put her name-n-photograph on an escort web site recently. Over to an exclusive interview with the glamour girl:

    Your name has appeared in a Porn Escort Web Site…Your reaction….

    It’s very unfortunate. But there are so many websites who misuse pictures of actresses and women in media just to promote their web site for no rhyme and reason. I think the best solution that I could figure out is send them a legal notice. I am talking to my legal advisors regarding them. Not that it will make a difference. But Net Policing has to be very strong. Today someone is doing it. Tomorrow someone else will be doing it. On my side, I am not going to allow that Sh.. to happen. So I am gonna make sure that take these bu…. to court. Or send them a notice so that it shuts down. For it irks your mind somewhere.

    You are a glamorous heroine…So will we see you shedding that image for more meaningful roles?

    I think you can do a meaningful role even while being glamorous. For example in ‘Risk’ I am not deglam completely. I am still dressed well, I have my song and dance number but the performance level has become more refined. In ‘Bhagam Bhag’ there’s a lot of glamour element. There are loud costumes and all that. But again the genre is comedy so my performance level has been refined in a different direction. That’s because of the directors I am working with now. I have done two films. I performed to my utmost capacity. I am improving as an actress. Five years down the line I may not be completely deglam. Glamour is something which I believe is an essential part of me which I can’t strip myself of. Maybe some role comes out of the blue where I shall play a plane Jane. But performance has got nothing to do with glamour.

    What is your film ‘Risk’ all about?

    ‘Risk’ is a cop story and the kind of risks he takes in his life and what happens to him after that. It’s a thriller in the true sense. Lot of action. Lot of emotions. It’s a heavy duty film.

    What’s your role in the film?

    I am playing Randeep’s love interest, his companion and soul mate in the film. I am the one who provides emotional security and support to him. Their moments together are in complete contrast to the action going.

    Are you making a conscious decision to do performance oriented roles?

    Yeah, it has been a conscious decision because after ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ and ‘Chocolate’ I was offered with a lot of similar kind of roles, glamour roles. But I was also approached with unconventional roles. It was a matter of choice for me as to what kind of roles I wished to do. I am the kind of person who gets bored by monotony. I can’t do similar thing again and again. I chose roles that gave me a chance to do something different. In ‘Bhagam Bhag’ I knew Priyan Sir came from a different school of filmmaking while Vishram is coming from a different genre of filmmaking while shooting ‘Risk’. So, I knew that my presentation and look in both the films will be different.

    What are your views on Vinod Khanna, one of your co-stars in ‘Risk’?

    There is a lot of excitement surrounding Vinod ji being in the film. In fact a lot of people are looking forward to seeing him again on the silver screen. I had this opportunity to be in the same film as him. But I am jealous about the fact that I am not having a single scene with him.

    How different are your roles in ‘Risk’ and ‘Bhagam Bhag’?

    ‘Risk’ and ‘Bhagam Bhag’ are poles apart from each other. ‘Bhagam Bhag’ is comedy. I am a stage artiste. Over the top. Melodramatic. Lives in a chawl. Very loud mouthed, bold…someone who can slap a guy. Crassily adorable character. In ‘Risk’ I am extremely classy, I am a dancer, independent, suave, move with a certain class around me, very simple, not too loud, toned down, very subtle character.

    How will you compare Randeep Hooda (Risk) with Akshay Kumar and Govinda (Bhagam Bhag)?

    Personally I haven’t known anyone. But professionally all of them were very supportive of a new actress like me. They are very organized, conduct themselves with a lot of dignity, lot of honour and very very hard working. Personally I am yet to know them.

    What are your forthcoming films?

    Starting with ‘Bhagam Bhag’, then ‘Risk’, ‘Good Boy Bad Boy’, ‘Rakeeb’, ‘Speed’ and ‘Dhol’ with Priyan Sir.

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