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    Shreyas Talpade wouldn't really pick up a gun and shoot - Shreyas Talpade

    Friday, September 28, 2007
    Shreyas Talpade''s DIL DOSTI ETC. releases today. He gets candid while talking about his film and the character of Sanjay Mishra that he plays.

    What is the film 'Dil Dosti Etc.' about?

    'Dil Dosti Etc.' is about these 5 character. Now I won't say how their lives have been connected or anything like that but its about 5 different people with 5 different backgrounds. Its about the youth today each representing one segment and its about friendship, its about love, its about what happens today in college campuses and universities and things like that. You might might feel that I am getting too confusing with the story but its not like that. The story is pretty good and easy to understand; its more about the youth, their dreams, their aspirations, and what all they end up doing or do today to reach their goals.

    What's Sanjay Mishra, the character you play, like? What are his aspirations and values? Could you relate to him at any point because you were in college till very recently?

    Honestly there was this character, which I had to portray, and I am not like Sanjay Mishra to a very large extent. But to a certain extent there are certain characteristics which I could relate with Sanjay Mishra. May be the kind of values he has in life or may be the kind of principles he thinks should be followed by everyone like respecting your elders and your parents. Things about commitment and being committed to one person or if you love someone you should be thoroughly committed to that person.

    Please carry on..

    See, Shreyas Talpade wouldn't really pick up a gun and shoot some one which Sanjay Mishra would in fact do at any phase if he is not really convinced with the other person. He would listen to a person till a particular point but later if he feels that there is no point talking to that person, he would pick a gun and shoot. So there are certain things, which Sanjay Mishra would do and Shreyas in real life wouldn't. These were certain things which I felt had some really interesting edge and the graph of that character also was pretty interesting.

    How exactly?

    He being a Bihari Brahman boy comes in from a small town to a big city like Delhi for future education. Then he gets into university politics, fals in love and then becomes friends with someone like a rich kid Apurv. All these things I thing were what really attracted me towards Sanjay Mishra and doing the film eventually.

    What's the relationship you share with Imaad Shah and Nikita Ananad in the film?

    Imaad plays my friend in the film. Actually he is a junior in the film and it all starts with me ragging all the juniors. Imaad is one of them and there is a special bonding that develops between two of us and this is how we become friends. Nikita plays my love interest in the film. She is one I end up liking and getting attracted towards and eventually falling in love with.

    How was it working with Imaad?

    Imaad reminded me a lot of Nasser ji because i had just done 'Iqbal' and then I started doing 'Dil Dosti'. There were a lot of mannerisms that he has, or gestures, which are so much like Nasser ji. Also, the way he performs its completely natural. I mean not even for a moment do you feel that he is acting. He was pretty much himself on sets in front of the camera. I think that was his best part. You really don't see too many actors doing that and there was a certain amount of confidence that he had in himself. He knew he could do that. There is a defnite way in which he has carried himself; just as the character demanded.

    How about Nikita?

    She is again a very hard working girl. It was a completely different equation because on one hand you have Imaad who is a bit laid back and subtle. Whereas Nikita was always charged up to do scenes in a different way, do some rehearsals etc. etc. But we had good fun. Eventually I think most of my scenes were with Nikita, Imaad and Dinesh.

    So you developed a great rapport with all the actors?

    Not only the actors but with the team as a whole because we were shooting in the month of May in Delhi. It was extremely hot and humid and we had to have some amount of fun on set otherwise it would get very boring. So we had good time in hand and we used to have our share of pranks and fun on set.

    The film's title contains 'Dil' and 'Dosti'. So you fall in love by heart or by mind?

    Sanjay Mishra will go with his heart. There are only a few things where he will follow his mind but otherwise most of the things he does is because he thinks that they are right and it goes with his ideology.For example, of he likes a girl he wants to get married to, there is no live in relationship funda with him. He is like, "ok, you like that girl, so should get married to her". Its a very simple straight line with him. But its not the same with everybody else around. So that's where the conflict is!"

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