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    Ajay - Today’s kids are very intelligent

    [Interview by IndiaGlitz]
    Wednesday, December 15, 2010
    B-town’s off screen couple no.1 Ajay Devgn and Kajol are coming onscreen together once again in their upcoming live
    animated film ‘Toonpur Ka Superhero’.

    This filmy jodi''s most renowned work was in rom-com ‘Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha’…….. Complementing and cementing the belief that opposites do attract and retain together, Ajay and Kajol in a rarest of rare occasion come together to speak about their reel and real super heroes, animation in India and much more….

    Kajol, you are promoting ‘Toonpur Ka Superrhero’ or ‘Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha’?

    Kajol: I don’t know but I am very much in character right now……….I am a great actress, even in interviews I am in character

    You both are dynamically opposite to each other and did many films together how the experience of working together was?

    Kajol: We got married (haha) well, we don’t usually agree with the script so it has to be few movies….the script he says
    its workable…….. For me it is boring or it doesn’t work for me…….it’s very rare we agree on any scripts…..

    Ajay: Its comfort zone

    What was special in the film ‘Toonpur Ka Superrhero’ that you both agreed to do it?

    Ajay: I will put Toonpur at comedy. Till now in India animation film targeted audience is children….I have seen some with
    my daughter… Such films humor is only for some kids and that does not excite elders… Such film at script level thinks that
    the kids are stupid so the humor in such film is according to it, which does not work at the box office…And if we see any
    Hollywood animated film even we enjoy that… You see the film like Golmaal, it’s a comedy and it is for both kids and elders
    too. So the first reason to do this film is that this film is for elders and kids both. The second reason is that its
    script is fabulous and when we asked for test for this Kireet (Director) he proved that it will match any other Hollywood
    animated film….

    What do you think that why most of the Indian animated film doesn’t work at the box office?

    Ajay: It’s the same as I said before…they are very tacky and target “do saal ke bachche ka humor” … Today’s kids are very
    intelligent, they know lots of thing from TV, internet……

    Kajol: I remember when ‘Chota Chetan’ released it was really good because at the script level it was good and it did really
    well at the box office…..

    Do the animation and special effect films in India are considered only for kids?

    Ajay: It’s because of the mindset here…In Hollywood it is not like that; we see film with kids and will not mind to watch
    it again……

    What is the ration of Live and animation in this film?

    Ajay: Its 20-80...First 10-15 min it’s live and then the live characters enter the animated world.

    How difficult it was to act in this film?

    Ajay: It was very difficult to act because in green room I am talking to people who are actually not around me. I have to
    imagine and act. The timing should be perfect. Apart from that there is lots of action in the film and I have to fight to
    the people who are not around me and for that proper body language should be there.

    Is there any universal message in the film?

    Ajay: When you are targeting kids then you have to talk about nice things. You can’t be vulgar… In the film hero fight for
    the right cause but he never wanted to fight, he wanted to sort it out things with Gandhigiri…..

    Hollywood animated films have huge budget and huge market to recover it but in India the scenario is different?

    Ajay: What happens exactly…?! The animator there he charges lacs and here the animator charges thousands though they both
    are talented…..But it’s the market………If this film works then it will create 1 lacs job in animation it will be a boon to
    the animation industry in India and if the film doesn’t work then more than 5 thousand people will lose job.

    Is your film taking on ‘Tees Maar Khan’

    Ajay: We are not taking on ‘Tees Maar Khan’. Ours is a small film and there is an enough space for two films….The whole
    idea of releasing this film at the eve of Christmas is that if you make a good film you think of whole week so the entire
    week is a holiday for kids which will benefit the film unlike other weeks.

    As a child who was your super hero?

    Kajol: Superman… I love him… Batman… I read all…They are internal classic no one can match the… Not even you (Ajay)…

    Why animation film takes long time to complete?

    Ajay: This film got completed in 5 months…But animated film takes time as everything should be perfect Avatar took 5 years
    to complete……

    Kajol: Karan (Johar) film is still not completed (Animation film ‘Koochie Koochie Hota Hai’)

    Hollywood animated film comes to India but why not Indian animated film goes there?

    Ajay: Agar yaha film chalti hai toh hum waha lekar jayenge naa… Once the film releases and if it does good at the box
    office then we are planning it to showcase it in few film festivals.

    Kajol: Quality should be matched…

    Kajol, you did action in this film?

    Kajol: Yes I did. We were laughing, smiling at each other. Our action director Jack Gill he was very patient with us…….

    Ajay: We did rehearsal for one month.

    How you pick up Kireet as a director for the film?

    Ajay: Kireet came to us…. He is the one who created all the characters of the film.

    Kajol: Kireet thought of entire thing before hand and then he came to us…He was clear in his vision.

    How was the dubbing for the film?

    Kajol: Dubbing was same as acting for the film ‘Frustrating’… I just matched my own lip sync……

    What is the role of music in the film?

    Ajay: It is nice. It goes with the film story. It connects with the film and two songs are like narration.

    How was working with the kids?

    Ajay: It was good.

    Kajol: It was sweet. They were very professional. They came on time. They were very nice.

    Who’s your favorite toon character in the film?

    Kajol: Gappi………I love him……..its gold chain and everything about it……its toooooo cute………

    Is Gappi character imitating Bappi daa?

    Ajay - Yaa but I can’t say that case wase kar diya toh…

    Which cartoons you prefer to watch or read?

    Kajol: ‘Tom and Jerry’! I do read Indian comics also……. ‘Bahadur’, ‘Phantom’, ‘Mandrake’…….

    Ajay: ‘Tom and Jerry’…… I grew up watching it and now also I watch it with my daughter……

    Any upcoming projects?

    Ajay: Dil Toh Baccha Hai
    Kajol: No plans I just want to concentrate on my kids

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