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    No fear of comparison with Big B - Hrithik Roshan

    Monday, January 23, 2012
    B-town''s Greek God in looks and the dancing sensation Hrithik Roshan got candid with IndiaGlitz and spoke at a length on vengeance, the women he likes, Agneepath and much more...

    Agneepath - the most difficult and toughest film of yours till date.

    Yeah it is... This film's climax is shot in Div (Gujrat) and the atmosphere was very hot. In the entire climax I am fighting, in front of me was Sanjay Dutt. He is such a huge goliath and I am such a lean small. I have to do hattapai with him. Torn clothes, bare body, blood, I have to fall; so 22 days I have gone through... So it ended up the most difficult schedule of my life.

    Did Sanjay Dutt scare you in the film?

    Yes because I thought he is not Sanjay sir but someone else. One or two times he saw me so furiously that I moved out of my character.

    From Mission Kashmir to Agneepath what changes you found in Sanjay Dutt?

    Sanjay sir, I call him sir. When I reached Div I was very tired due to Just Dance endorsements so I didnít get time to train my body so made a gym thereÖ He took over and took care of me totally. He got his cooking staff. He was an older brother to me. When I used to get tired he used to say that ĎI am 50-yr old and I m still going and you are so young how you can be tired.í Once you hear that you just can't do anything. So he used to push me... Sanjay sir got an amazing quality that he is not bothered only. But he is having a technique in that he looks very easy but he is into the character completely at the same time. In Mission....also in between the takes I used to feel that he will not have any takes because he was so easy. But he does something this is a secret and I want to know. In Mission....he did so well and Kancha is totally something else only......

    Will Kancha overshadow the Vijay in the film?

    Yes it should in the beginning. In the starting you should feel its impossible; Vijay is nothing in front of Kancha. When you have impossible mission in the film it becomes entertaining. If the task was equal or easy you will not enjoy the journey. The whole fight is between simple man and a goliath. How a common man beat is goliath.

    What was your first reaction when Karan approached you?

    I said no.... I said I don't want to do a remake. Why should I do a remake it destroy the sanity of the original and that to a film like Agneepath in which Mr. Bachchan does what he has done. Why will I do? But Karan as a friend forced me to read the script. When I heard the script I was absolutely shocked. The script went through all the layers as an audience it has touched me, as an actor with pre-conceived notion; say I donít want to do it has touched that also. So it broke through the entire barrier; it hit me so hard. Once I completed the script I was defend less and said I have to do it. I got no reason to say no to this film.

    Have you changed your voice like Big B in the original?

    No I have not.

    What's the difference between the original and the tribute?

    The basic essence of the film is same. The journey of the story and the character are different.

    Was there any fear of getting compared with the magnificent Mr. Bachchan?

    While acting if I would have compared myself with Big B then there should be a fear but I have done this role like me and nobody in the world is like me. The moment you will see this Vijay your comparison will break, you will say he is VIJAY DINANTH CHAUHANÖ No way. He is nothing, no style, no attitude, no voice. Within a second the comparison will break.

    Did you have any word with Big B regarding the film?

    There is no reason to talk to Big B but I don't know whether the maker and the producer had a word with him or not.

    Have you seen the original?

    Yes. Twice. It was printed inside my head at that time.

    Comparisons with the original is inevitable...

    That was the challenge. The director has himself written the character which was different so it was refreshing. Vijay is a simple man. So from the starting onwards I got connected with the character. The director was clear that the Vijay is a common man who wants to take revenge.

    Tell about the hot kiss between you and Priyanka...

    It's not that hot but definitely sweet. Priyanka has done the best work till date in this film. She will really make you cry. Itís a small role but she has done fabulous job. The character Kali is very sweet, it will make you fall in love with Vijay more.

    Your experience with Rishi Kapoor...

    Working with Chintu Uncle was very good. I was surprised to see his genetics as he was fighting, falling, getting hurt and compared to him I was applying ointment etcÖ And I was thinking when I will reach that age what I will be. Chintu uncle is an athlete.

    When Chikni Chameli was dancing, didnít feel like dancing as you're a dancer?

    Maybe before the song started I might have felt but the moment you see Katrina rehearsing even you will say "Hrithik ko mat uthao we want to see Katrina dancing". According to me its Madhuri, Ash and now Katrina. I have being impressed by 3 people a lot. There are really difficult steps. She came from UK and doing Lavni. It's really difficult.

    Do you think your character will be as popular as Big B after the release?

    That I don't know. I donít keep such expectations. I have done my job properly.

    Do you believe in taking revenge in real life also?

    Revenge in real life is stupid. You should understand through what situation condition he is coming he doesn't understand better; instead of revenge I feel sympathy. The idea is to get closer to the peace.

    Which character you played is closer to you?

    Ethan from Guzaarish. He doesn't want to die, 17 years he lived like a king. Now his body organs are dying so he wants to leave the world in his control. He wants to go with his open eyes and except death.

    What went wrong with Guzaarish?

    Finally its business and I think if the promotion was balanced then it would have drive more audience to theaters. We missed out the better balance of promotions.

    Your most awaited film Krrish has begun so what preparation you are doing...

    Just achieving a pain free body. Now finally the film shoot started after 2 years of wait. I lost weight in 10 weeks now I am ready to be superhero again.

    Any plans of Hollywood?

    It is an uncomfortable thought. What should I do there and why should I go. There is no lack of audience millions of people are here.

    You don't fight; you always patch up...

    Fight with one person and then become best friend of other that I have done in school. Now I am grown up man. Now I donít do. When I see people fighting I feel they are still in school.

    Do you believe in camp culture?

    I don't understand cap culture. I am in whose camp...?

    In all camp...

    Or it may be possible that everyone is in my camp and no one knows about it...... hahahaha.....

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