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    Ajay, Rohit had made me richer as an actor - Abhishek Bachchan

    Tuesday, July 03, 2012
    Abhishek Bachchan is back with a bang with his upcoming release Bol bachchan where he is teaming up with 100cr club team Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty in a double role. Indiaglitz caught with Abhishek who appeared happy and excited to be part of this crazy world of ''Bol Bachchan''while he shares his ''Bol Bachchan'' experience.

    First time you are playing double role?

    I won't call it a double role. Like in 'Bluff master' I played two characters in a film, it is more like that. They are not two separate people they are same person playing two characters...

    What similarity you posses with Amol Palekar from the original in this movie?

    We both have moustache and that he pretends to be someone else...that is the only thing that we have taken from original.

    Bol Bachchan will make a a difference in your career?

    I think every film should make a difference in your career that is why you should do a film. You don't do a film thinking it is ok...let's just take it. You always take a film as a challenge and thinking it will make difference to you as an actor.

    Are you cashing on the name Bachchan?

    I have never cashed in on the name of Bachchan when I joined the industry.. then why should I start now.

    Your style of comedy is different from Rohit and Ajay. So how difficult it was to get adjusted?

    It is not their school of comedy or my school of comedy.. what Ajay and Rohit taught me is there is particular pitch for every film. My style of comedy was different to what this film required and that is what they taught me. You have to be part of a team. They taught me the kind of comedy that was required for this film. I had to unlearn what I had learnt. It is difficult and demanding, there is lot of energy required, while my style of comedy is deadpan and straight face. In terms of energy levels it was very tough. It was like becoming richer in experience. It took about a week for me to adjust in the new style of comedy.

    How much time you took to get adjusted ?

    About a week. First week of filming was difficult for me because I came prepared in a particular type but Rohit had some other idea so it took the whole week to understand what he really needed. I give full credit to him. He didn't give up if kept working on me. Day night we rehearse. He taught me how to do hope I have got it right...

    The previous experience with Rohit helped you this time around ?

    There has to be a comfort zone that has to be achieved. An actor has to have trust and faith in the director…as an actor bears their soul to the director. I have known Rohit when he was assistant director and I was production assistant. And Ajay is like an elder bother. And I think the relation between an actor and director is important. There has to be a sense of faith between the two of you...

    What input you put in the character ?

    Lots...its like blowing my own trumpet but its embarrassing...when Rohit narrated me the story then we sat down together and discuss how to develop it. He is a kind of director who allows his actor to put his suggestions. He allows you to discover the character along with it.

    From Zameen to Bol bachchan how much Rohit changed ?

    Even that time he was big, big chap...he didn't changed at all. I think the change is in the confidence...but he is exactly as hardworking as humble as he was always.. he is one of the most successful director we have today but that doesn't affect him he is still hardworking , dedicated and he is a machine who works 20hrs a day and doesn't stop.

    What change does fatherhood has brought to your life?

    Its same for all the parents. It is like there is another person for whom you are willing to do anything. Your responsibilities are there towards..I don't know how life changes. There is no rule book and I do what I feel is right. Each parent will discover things themselves.

    What you are doing for her?

    I am doing movies, earning so that I can provide her good education, fulfill her needs.

    How you are pampering her?

    She is too small to be pampered. She is in the limelight no doubt.

    Rumor is that you are doing Mani's film ?

    He is making a south Indian movie right now. He is busy shooting there. I am always available for Mani (not money) as when he says. I will never question him. Tomorrow if he asked me to do a shot in Tamil I will do it.

    How you react to flops ?

    You have to deal with it. It is never nice to talk about it, it is never a pleasant experience to relive it. Nobody wants to make an unsuccessful film. Everybody works hard to make a film successful. I don’t find it easy.

    Are you working cautiously as you are doing less movie ?

    Times have changed…like at the beginning of my career we all used to do five-six films at time. I think the demand of actor... the demand of lead pair has become lot more. There is lot more responsibility. The promotions take a month. I think you need to have that kind of responsibility towards your product. As an actor..I made a conscious decision I don't want any excuses...I don't want to say the editor did not do edit it properly or this or that person did not do properly. I don't want to point fingers at anybody. I want complete responsibility by saying that I did everything that I could do. So much money is at stake...

    As you turned producer now so does it changes your approach as an actor?

    No…my approach to producing was the kind of actor I was. I am an industry kid...I never thought for myself selfishly. When I made 'Paa' I made it with 'x' amount of money because I want my distributors and exhibitors to earn money and they did. When I make films it is not for me...want to make money for everyone...

    How is Prachi as a co star ?

    ...(Pause)...that was Prachi...hahahaha...she is great, very great. Her nicest thing was she is always smiling. She is pleasant and its wonderful to have her on set. I am envy that she learn dialog so fast because of her TV background. If you give her 5 page dialog she will say that's it? And rest of us will say oh my god...5 pages...

    What about your sister in the film?

    Asin...she is great. She is who achieved so much in the short span in Hindi film industry. She is so dedicated and so much fun. What I like about her is she is a complete team player. She will be on set and she wants to be a part of everything. She is very inquisitive she loves to ask questions.

    Your due as an actor?

    I think you guys are too kind to me. Still I have to improve a lot. Write bad reviews this time…hahahahah...for me!... There is lot to do, so much to learn..

    What is your parameter of choosing any movie now?

    I have only one parameter and a condition and that is more important if that is not there in the film...then I wont do it and that is does your heart tells you to do a film. I never worked from my mind…thinking strategically. Be it the biggest director and a very good script but if my heart is not with it I will not do it. For me that emotion has to come as an actor as I would be performing, so it has to come naturally.

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