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    Working with Yash Raj was like working with brothers, family - Salman Khan

    [Interview by Vishal Verma]
    Saturday, August 11, 2012
    Dressed in perfectly fit designer t-shirt and jeans with a light grown beard... B-town goldmine the macho Khan Salman Khan is going all out to promote his next biggie ''Ek Tha Tiger'' with India''s premiere production house Yash Raj... finishing his round of promotions with top channels, the super star Salman after a wait of around two hours finally gets some time for indiaglitz and speaks his heart out on ''Being Tiger'', ''Heroism'',''Patriotism'' working with Yash Raj and lots more..

    How is your health?

    Am absolutely fine.. Thank you

    It's been quite hectic for you promoting 'Ek Tha Tiger' all around in this period of Ramazan?

    (Smiles while giving his trademark poker face look) 'Tiger ka Abhi Khoon Nikalne Laga Hai'.. (Confirming that even after such hectic round of promotions.. B-town box office phenomenon Salman is fully pepped up and in mood to talk)..

    Finally B-town most awaited event on screen will happen on 15th of August.. Yash Raj 'Ek Tha Tiger' starring Salman Khan will be released all over.. How was working with India's premium production banner Yash Raj?

    Oh Its Superb.. You know it feels wonderfully the same way I feel when I work for my brothers.. I have worked with Chopras before.. I worked with the late B.R. Chopra Yash Raj ji's brother.. my father Salim has played a very important part in Yash Raj career as a writer.. by writing the iconic 'Deewar' and 'Trishul' which was directed by Yash Raj.. so there was always a connection... we didn't work with each other but where connected... Like I did Karan Johar's first film 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'.. then we didn't work together but my father Salim, Yash Raj and Karan's father Yash Johar where a unit.. it's like a family..working with Yash Raj was like working with my family.

    Who is Tiger..?

    Tiger is a raw agent working for his country.. who....... for knowing more you will have to watch
    The film..

    Any preparations for the role?

    Now what preparations.. its been more than 20 years of acting in this industry.. am not playing any Historical character nor any 70-80 year old man.. am playing a character of my age who is a spy.

    You are playing a spy, how different is tiger from other spy?

    We have tried to make it larger than life. ..matlab( I mean) in a country like india which has a population of around one hundred and twenty crores, there will be hardly hundred of spies.. so there must be some aura attached to them, something that distinguishes them from the crowd. There mannerism, their walk etc, Kabir had tried to develop those nuances in my character 'Tiger' which is believable and convincing.

    Has your star power taken into consideration for the role.. people love to see their favorite Salman Khan in full form?

    That has been taken care of.. I am shown as a person who can beat ten people at one time and who is also intelligent, a spy who is somewhat mysterious...a star or popular actor can bring his audience initially to theatres but he can't make a film run if he doesn't fit in the character.. no matter how good film you make.. if the actor doesn't fit in the character the movie won't work audience will not find the connection.

    Have you followed, studied, observed, or taken any reference for your role of a spy as it's been said that it's based on some facts?

    No.. Kabir did the research thing and his script provided me with all the details..

    You have spoken in support of Sarabjit Singh who is accused of being a spy?

    I Believe he should be back with his family.. Its thirty years.. My family also believes the same.. if he has done anything wrong then I would not have made the plea.. it feels sad..

    Your movie is releasing on 15th of August.. What you have to say for your country?

    It's a very big avenue yaar.. I can only say is its we the people who make a nation.. so take care of yourself, your family, your neighbours, your surroundings, increase your level as a human don't reduce or cut short anybody else level pay taxes and be responsible we are observing our 66 th independence this August 15 and majority of Indians still fight for their food, health, shelter, water and electricity.. Blood boils man.. Blood boils..

    How sure are you about 'Ek Tha Tiger' at Box office?

    I don't know about myself.. But 'Ek Tha Tiger' will certainly increase the level of Kabir Khan as a filmmaker.. he is a good filmmaker no second opinion on that and he has made movies like 'Kabul Express' 'New York'.. 'Ek Tha Tiger' is a passionate honest effort from Kabir with the backing of such veterans like Yash Raj we have tried to make a better film where you will find amazing actions, breathtaking locations, connected by an absorbing story along with me and Katrina Kaif.

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