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    If you needed more theatres then you should have booked it early - Shah Rukh Khan

    Tuesday, November 06, 2012
    King Of Romance Shah Rukh Khan bares it all with indiaglitz about his image, stardom, his love for woman, Yashji and SOS, JTHJ controversy.

    What is special about JTHJ?

    I am criticized to work only with friends. I work with people with whom I enjoy working. I can't control what the film is going to be. I don't even think of it. Personally I believe every film is special. Yashji and the whole team are like a family. Yashji is no more you feel poignant about it. I wish he was here while the film is releasing.

    Is it disheartening that the controversy came after the Yashji passed away?

    it's always disheartening. It's sad that Yashji passed away. Are you going to tell us when we have to release our film? What you are talking about. What you are trying to show that if your film is not going to do well because of the other film....i don't understand the logic of it. I don't understand the emotion of it. My logic is why you are worried when you have less number of theatres then you should have booked it early. Because your business house have not done it and the other house has done it why you holding this against us. And why this is an issue. I feel it strange rather than disheartened. I wish both films do well.

    Till date you have avoided talking about JTHJ v/s SOS but now...?

    It's a free market. We have offered a good deal to everyone. It's not the controlled market. Not a monopolistic market. It's a restrain competitive market. Tomorrow you decide to make a film with or without me. The whole star system is there because of free market. I am not saying our film is better than xyz film. I hope their film also does well at the box office. But the bottom line is it's there film and mine film is mine.

    Giving the number to public or media do you think it is fair?

    I will never give out numbers. I have no numbers at all. I don't believe in numbers. Even in business I don't discuss my number in public. - hisaab kitaab sadko par nahi kiye jaate, hisaab kitaab sirf account room me kiye jaate hai". Even I get angry on my own producers when they say 100 crs etc". when my film Om Shanti Om became the biggest hit I remember Farah telling me that everyone saying so much collection, this much collection and I told her call it as the biggest hit of mankind. Don't limit it, don't confine it. On behalf of YRF without being the business head of the company if I have to speak then I believe whoever is coming out Ishaallah they do well. Yashji, Adi would have said the same thing. The consumer is the king, distributer/exhibitor are the presenter of the film and consumer and they have taken X amount of theatres and thank you because it's just like no one can force you to buy a dress which don't like. You have to choose what you want to buy. You have an option this Friday. You have to make a choice. It's strange that people started talking numbers before the release.

    Do you have any fear of losing your stardom?

    it will takes a year's....if you have worked 20 years then you have made a nice cosy place in people heart. And when you are in people's heart then the thing go beyond words. In my case it's not the stardom, it's not the superstar or nice guy....if I keep doing nice work, be kind and gentle and makes the right choices in terms of emotions. Then I don't need anything else. The fear of failure is perhaps is the greatest motivation. But it fear of failure shouldn't overtake your life. If I don't worry to fail then I will not excel. That's why I work harder otherwise I would have done 2 films in a year and spend time at home but I have dedicated my life to this job. I have to reach up to the expectation who think I am good. I don't want to let down your heart. I don't mind letting down on business, practical things. It's beyond my good looks. Many people said me do remakes but I can't because I don't know.

    How far you can carry you romantic image?

    I don't think of the image. Firstly if you have done something similar and when you do it again then you have to do it differently and then it's harder to do. I have done romantic roles a lot. I haven't done any role consciously its inherent the internal emotion of the character is very different. Clothes, looks are the crutches they does not make character. These are just to help you. But the character is much deeper. I keep saying this as I am an actor. I asked Katrina and Anushka to do the scene first to understand and learn the romance to do it differently onscreen.

    How you take "king of romance" tag? How important is to have an image?

    It's an excuse if my other film does not do as much business as my romantic film. I can say "main iss role me set nahi hota hu". Girls like me for my romantic movies. With all your due respect to attack king of romance I would rather called king. I am an actor. I am being in the industry since 21 years. I have played many characters. I hated if it's just a king of romance. I believe I tried different characters some are different from another. I liked playing don very much. I am completely in love with the character of my name is khan. I must be having something that's why people are watching me since very long time. Even my parameters are commercials and I can hold your attention. You are seen mine kuch kuch hota hai, my name is khan, veer zaara and JTHJ if it's just about shah rukh khan. I would like to be remembered as somebody who tried very hard in the film in the commercial parameters.

    We see a madness of your fan near mannat so how you repay them?

    I can thank my fans by giving them better entertainment. By doing better movies like Chak de, Om Shanti Om, My Name Is Khan. But it always depends upon the film I am offered. I have never designed a film for me. The only way I give back love and respect by doing better films and entertainment.

    Promo says lots about the film but JTHJ promo doesn't speak much?

    I believe the promo should speak all about the film and the promos of JTHJ speak much about the film. I have seen the film 1 and half month back in London. The film is very gripping, dramatic. The film is about emotions. This is the story of a man in love with a woman, how many, where is first girl is she alive or dead is all unveiling of emotions.

    You are playing an army man any nostalgia of your fauji days?

    During fauji I was very young. At that time I wanted to join army and wanted to be an army officer. When I was doing fauji I don't even know what I was doing. I don't know where I am going to be. The only nostalgia I carried forward in 23-24 years is I make a film like that. When I was shooting in Ladakh army guys used to say that I look good in the uniform. Girls say that the looks really suits me..beard, short hairs. You feel very proud to play the role which is the most important part of the country.

    Is it to show the masculine side of you?

    Girls like me anyways.....see I am doing this job for so long that it becomes larger than life. If you talk about masculinity then it's the identification of common man

    You have played many times the role of a man in uniform but your films never received any objection what's the reason ?

    Yes I have played such roles but never fought for the country like in Border. If I do a film where the profession plays the bigger part then it should be authentic. we have not done any controversial war film so it may be the reason.

    Has your perception towards love changed?

    No.....now I got much smaller places like phone bhoot etc...now I myself find some strange places...I hated when a boy treats a girl like a boy. Woman should be treated like a woman that's my idea of treating girls. I can't call any girl ...tu... I have big problem. I have to reshoot the thing 6 times to get that with Yashji. I have a different expression of love. First love cannot be defined.

    What you have to say about the girls in JTHJ?

    I really loved them. Sometimes I hear that my love for woman is misconstrued. I love the woman I work with. And I love their boyfriends as well.

    Any memory of Yashji?

    After Darr when I have just done the film. Yashji said to me - ek insaan ki asli keemat, achayi ya haisiyat tab malum chalati hai jab wo apane ghar par nahi hota.. when he is out he is venerable. We have just finished the shoot of Darr. I have broken my shoulder which I recently did surgery and I shot the film like that. He said even with all this you are a team player you like the things to go right. I really cherish that outside the house you are a wonderful guy. Inside the house everyone is nice. I am happy that you have never complained about the room or the car or the time or the costume. You are just a team player.

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