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    Vishal Bhardwaj is the most sarcastic man I know - Anushka Sharma

    Tuesday, January 08, 2013
    B-town tall, lovely and bubbingly the most desirable Anushka Sharma in a tete a tete with indiaglitz speaks her heart out on Bijlee, Matru and finds Vishal Bhardwaj to be the most sarcastic man on earth.

    Is Bijlee is an extension of Akhira of Jab Tak Hai Jaan?

    Bijlee is a rich spoiled brat. She has studied in oxford and has come back from there. She stands out in the town Mandola. She is very unpredictable attention seeker. If she wants to do something she will do. There is no second guessing. She wants to shock people, somewhere he like to get reaction of the people. She is very unpredictable carefree person.

    What similarities you share with the character?

    I am not a spoil brat. I brought up in an army family so it couldn't be possible. I am unpredictable but I don't share that with everyone..:P... I don't like to shock people.

    Are you an attention seeker?

    Every actor is an attention seeker so it is an occupational hazard. If I don't seek attention then I won't be doing my work properly. I have to work harder to seek attention but Bijlee attention seeking thing is totally different.

    What is this Meena Kumari complex?

    MeenaKkumari is known as a tragedy queen. Matru feels like Bijlee is only happy in sadness. Bijlee is a very complex character and have different layers to her character. She is happy in only unhappy situation so she creates it. She loves drama in her life.

    In all your film you appear to be vivacious so in any film you going to break that?

    Whatever character I played till date they are very strong girl. I played them the way there were written. As far as happy vivacious thing Bijlee is very complex character. The films I have done they are straight forward simple stories. But in this film it's very complex your dialogues is different and you are action different its dichotomy. So it was challenging.

    Your look is different in the film how much is your contribution?

    Bijlee's character is very rebellious. So the cloths, makeup and hair are to depict that. There are girls who travel to different places and pick up local things and incorporate that in their style so Bijlee is like that. The blue ghagra she is wearing is a local purchase from Rohtak.

    How difficult it was for you to play Bijlee?

    For me is the way Bijlee is "I can't relate to it naturally because she was a spoil brat at times I used to question myself that is she mad or what but I have to accept the fact that there could be a person like this who exist. Vishal bhardwaj films are complex. He plays in the grey area thing which human beings are flout which makes them real. None of us are perfect. The film is not very verbose. So I had work hard on the body language. After doing 4 days of shooting in Rajkot I actually sent a message to Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj that I can't do this character. Till date I did simple straight characters but if I would have played this character in simple linear way I would have spoiled it as it got lots of layers. I struggled to get adapted for Bijlee.

    Your reaction when Vishal Bhardwaj approached you?

    He narrated me the script and I instantly said yes because it was so hilarious that I just couldn't stop laughing.

    The title of the film is unusual so what was your reaction to it?

    Actually I got the narration of the film before the title so it does not appear unusual to me.

    What you have learnt from this film?

    At personal level I used to look at thing in black or white but after this film I became less judgmental and more understanding. When I saw maqbool I was a kid and didn't understand it but got disturbed. When I saw it again 1 and half year back I sympathize with the character in the end despite of their wrong doings. This change I got after working with Vishal Bhardwaj.

    How was working with Pankaj Kapoor?

    It is very good. He is one of the best actors I have ever seen. As he is a theatre artist he got a very good focus. He got a great focus that an actor should possess. I was intimidated by him. He doesn't talk much. We got a special bond in the film as daughter and father. he doesn't drink and plays alcoholic. When I don't have shot I still drive to set to just see him performing.

    How was working with Vishal Bhardwaj?

    Vishal Bhardwaj has seen certain kind of life and he has seen a lot in life. He got such huge experiences what we see in his films. For me it was a shift and I felt different as I said earlier I was struggling in the beginning. In my usual film if the character is going through any emotions he/she expresses via dialogs but here in this film the biggest twist is the silence for example the man turning that will change the entire mood or the story. With Vishal is doing less is doing more. Vishal Bhardwaj designs his scenes so everyone has to contribute not only the actors but crew also. There is no difference everyone is equal that you see in his films. There is subtleness in the character and performance.

    How you find Vishal as a person?

    He is the most sarcastic man I know. There was a scene when I finished it he said very good to me and I replied that it was bad and then he said I have a habit of saying okay to bad scene...I make bad movies..his sense of humour is very hilarious. He is multi-talented. He can sing, compose music, write, direct the film and produce it everything in his film.

    On what basis is the film given an A certificate?

    I don't know in what bases it got the A certificate. I did not got chance to talk to VB yet. VB is better person to answer that but as far as we have made a fun entertaining movie for everyone.

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