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Bollywood Movie Previews

Darling - - Some love stories don't die

Have you ever been in love? Of course you must have been! But have you ever been in love with a ghost? Or rather has a ghost ever loved you?
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Dhokha - Is reality always what it seems?

For someone who had to ensure law and order in the city, it was nothing but ironical for him to believe that he had someone like Sarah at his own home.
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Kaisay Kahein - Not just a love story

What happens when your own career comes in way of your love life? What happens when it's you, and just you, who has to choose the right path for making love a worthwhile journey to take?
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Chak De India - A virtue called belief

Will Kabir manage to create a well knit team out of these individuals? Will he make them all play with just the right honesty, sincerity and integrity which is required to beat the toughest of opposition?
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Heyy Babyy - Love thy baby!

Aroush [Akshay Kumar], Al [Fardeen Khan] and Tanmay [Ritiesh Deshmukh] were quite happy in their carefree-n-spirited life. They were doing well for themselves when it came to earning money and didn't have any disappointment when it came to their foray with women.
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Kaafila - Illegal migration - An adventure or a mishap?

This troublesome journey meant that they had death as a constant companion. There were many lives lost in every step they took, whether it meant traversing through the beastly jungles or cramping themselves in small ships.
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26th July at Barista - - The day when man challenged destiny

Sheer spirit followed by determination and will power made people come together and change the path that destiny had designed for them. Did they succeed?
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Cash - Have money, have fun

Paisa phenko, tamasha dekho : Words from the title song of CASH are good enough to describe what the film is going to be all about
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Gandhi My Father - Whose wounds are bigger?

GANDHI MY FATHER is different since this is the first film that extensively talks about his relation with his eldest son Harilal.
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Marigold - When love comes unexpectedly

"Real life is not a Bollywood movie", exclaims the leading lady of the film MARIGOLD. Well, this is what exactly happens to her the moment she embarks on her journey to India!
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Buddha Mar Gaya - Save the news from the world

A roller coaster ride ensues and everyone from an inquisitive and greedy servant, the Prime Minister's fixer, a procurer of dead bodies, the paparazzi to a couple of cops gets himself involved in this 'tamasha'!
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My Friend Ganesha - Would it break the animation jinx?

Animation films are still in their infancy in India. There has been an occasional 'Hanuman' that has seen audience coming to watch an animated film in hordes but then there are also flicks like 'Bhagmati' and 'Krishna' that have been absolute disasters.
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Bombay To Goa - Wanna enter a mad ride?

Have you been a part of a mad-mad journey? If not, then hop on this ride called 'Bombay To Goa'. If yes, then rest assured that this one would be far more engaging, exciting and eventful than the ones you would have taken before.
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Partner - Come, join in for love

Remember your school and college days when there always used to be a guy (or a set of guys) who would invariably have a piece of advice to give when it came to woo a girl?
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Nanhe Jaisalmer - It's all about hope, love and friendship

In showbiz, one hears number of stories about obsessive fans. Fans for whom life is nothing beyond the one whom they worship day in and night out.
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