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Hollywood Movie Reviews

Premium Rush Review - Fast, though not furious

A youngster who drives a bicycle right through the city of New York and is a messenger boy for a living, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the lead protagonist in 'Premium Rush', an action thriller which could have just done better with a more attractive title. Frankly, 'Premium Rush' pretty much sounds like a B set up and though the film by itself doesn't quite carry top production values...
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Killing Them Softly Review - May make you impatient

If the term 'offbeat' could be assigned to Hollywood flicks as well, 'Killing Them Softly' would fit in well there. Despite starring Brad Pitt in it (who actually does occasionally dabble in films which aren't quintessentially commercial), the film doesn't quite adopt a narrative which is entertaining right through it's duration in order to cater to larger segment of audience. Instead, it turns ou
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Resident Evil: Retribution Review - Only for die hard video game lovers

Imagine watching a 90 minute long video game playing on the big screen? Well, it can possibly make an impression only amongst die hard gaming aficionado. However for those who aren't, the film is not only worthy enough to be totally dismissed, for some it could even turn out to be quite repulsive. After all, for how long can one really see guns blazing from all corners with zombies chopping off hu
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Shark Night 3D Review - Fairly entertaining 90 mins watch

In the times when the biggest of Hollywood flicks are releasing in India on the same day as their widespread global release, it is rather surprising to see a much smaller film like 'Shark Night' being delayed by exactly a year. Really surprising indeed! Nevertheless, one can also sense from the opening credit title roll itself that this one is a B offering from Hollywood which is pretty much a set
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Expendables 2 The Review - Bullets galore but low on thrills

When a plethora of action heroes come together, expectation is clearly set - 'Be Ready to witness guns blazing all corners with no respite whatsoever'. So far, so okay. You don't want a breather either. However what you do wish for are some moments of thrills, some silent pauses of drama and then a round of fire (in no particular order) to go on a loop...
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Bourne Legacy The Review - Not entirely Bourne but still fun

Jeremy Renner finally gets his due. After performing consistently over the years and then standing next to Tom Cruise in 'Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol', he finally manages to land a central protagonist and that too in a series as strong as 'Bourne'...
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Total Recall Review - Good VFX but nothing much to recall

Is this life real or an illusion? Time and again Hollywood has churned out movies based on this one line plot. Same opt for a dramatic narrative a few have gone and taken a philosophical take while a film like 'Total Recall' makes it an out and out action flick. Does the decision work? Oh yes, it does. An out and out racy flick where you find yourself in a different world altogether, 'Total Recall
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Ice Age (4): Continental Drift Review - Doesn't drift from entertainment

Good, unadulterated, quick and concise fun - That's what 'Ice Age: Continental Drift' is all about, what with so much packed in this 80 minute long affair that you stay with the proceedings, munch your popcorn, get engaged in all the action unfolding on screen and hardly realise that the film has passed by in a jiffy...
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The Dark Knight Rises Review - Terrific, if not classic

Now this is one movie that has a terrific storyline to boast of as well instead of relying entirely on VFX. Also, instead of just being content with the fact that this is a franchise in the offing and hence audience will flock in theatres to catch out the latest escapades of 'Batman', the 'The Dark Knight Rises' takes itself seriously (for all the right reasons) and spins a world which invites you
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Amazing Spiderman The Review - Only for the loyal Spiderman fans

While walking down the aisles after the end credits started rolling for 'The Amazing Spider-Man', I overheard a couple discussing about the film. While the boy argued that there wasn't anything new in the film and was 'just' about Spidey jumping all over the city, the girl -who seemed to have been reasonably entertained - shot back stating -'What else did you expect?'.
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Brave Review - Engaging, if not hugely entertaining

When Disney and Pixar come together, you do expect magic. After all the amalgamation of story and technique can be deadly and you do look forward to that in case of 'Brave'. Set in the era gone by, the film has the kind of story that could have actually been a feature film with real characters than the animated ones...
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Prometheus Review - A worthy ride

Entertaining, with a bit of thought provoking elements thrown in as well - That's 'Prometheus' for you which at it's core is a sci-fi film and delivers what it promises...
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Rock of Ages Review - Don't watch it just for Cruise-Jones

Now this is what one terms as a niche film. Frankly, not all cine-goers can be expected to be the lovers of rock, especially the one that was in vogue during the 80s.
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Snow White & the Huntsman Review - Uneven

Now here is a fairy tale that is indeed being retold and that too in not just a different 'avtar' but with a far darker tone to it. This is what makes 'Snow White and the Huntsman' interesting because it doesn't even attempt to bring on a feel-good world but instead keeps its characters in a danger-zone for most part of it...
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Men in Black III Review - Disappointing

Let the fact be stated at the very onset - 'Men In Black 3' is a disappointment. Okay, so it can't be termed as a monumental disaster but then well, a film of this scale, hype, precedent and a star like Will Smith is expected to cover a much larger distance...
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