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Hollywood Movie Reviews

Artist The Review - For the love of art

Now this is what you call as some experience. There would be hardly any soul in the present generation who would have ever seen a Black & White film. Now if one drills further down, it would be nearly impossible to find those who would have actually seen a silent movie! It is this very combination of a Black & White film which is also silent that fetches instant attention to 'The Artist'. Add to t
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Moneyball Review - A realistic entertainer

'Aaaah, yet another sports movie' is what you end up saying to yourself after seeing the promo of 'Moneyball'. Yes, there is Brad Pitt. Yes, the film looks better than a regular popcorn munching feel-good affair. And yes, there is an interesting mathematical model thrown in for good measure as well. Still, somewhere deep down in heart, you do end up thinking if it may all boil down to a great Amer
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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Review - Cage's B-grade trash

Let's state the obvious at the very start. 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' is clearly one of the worst superhero films with a known male lead that Hollywood has offered in recent times.
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The Woman In Black Review - Predictable

You are left with mixed feelings when end credits start rolling for 'The Woman In Black'. While the final sequence of the film does manage to bring it to a satisfying end, there are series of sequences just before that which are not just long drawn but also plain predictable and worse, repetitive. Now that's not really a good sign for a film which started off quite well, picked steam in a while an
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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Review - An engaging adventure

The great American dream is back which is about telling a fantastical story with such utmost conviction that you actually start believing it to be true...
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Chronicle The Review - Doesn't take pretentious route

'With great power comes great responsibilities' - Now haven't we heard this before? Especially when it comes to superhero genres? Well, the obvious is heard all over again in 'Chronicle', a film that has come out of nowhere, doesn't boast of a single notable name, hasn't enjoyed any hype around it but still manages to make a good impression...
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Haywire Review - Stays on course

There is always a risk attached when a film has title that goes like 'Haywire'. A filmmaker needs to be sure that one slip and the audience feedback too would summarize into just one word - 'haywire'! Thankfully though this doesn't quite happen in this latest action affair which has a director as capable as Steven Soderbergh at the helm of affairs...
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Contraband Review - Engaging, though not exceptional

A few years back Mark Wahlberg had done 'The Italian Job' which further established him as an actor who was a right fit for the action-drama affairs...
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The Descendants Review - Watch it for a 'different' Clooney

For many out there, George Clooney is the man who is the face of 'Oceans' series. For the discerning viewer though, he is the man who has to his credit some modern day dramatic tales like 'Syriana', 'Up In The Air' or 'Michael Clayton'...
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J Edgar Review - Not quite a classic

I wonder when Leonardo DiCaprio picks up his films, whether he makes a conscious call to select only those which promise him good enough potential to be a classic. Now if that is really the case then it is a scary situation to be in because while an 'Inception' or a 'Shutter Island' could indeed do the trick, there is always a fear of 'law of averages' catching up, as is the case with 'J. Edgar'.
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Underworld: Awakening Review - For the love of action

There have been a few instalments of 'Underworld' in the past, all with Kate Beckinsale in the lead, but thankfully the latest in the series works well for those who aren't quite familiar with what has transpired before. It's to the credit of makers (Mans Marlind, Bjorn Stein) that they have kept the story as basic as it gets (with the core of revenge and survival being used alternatively) which e
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Coriolanus Review - An engaging action drama

'Wow' - This is what you end up exclaiming when end credits start rolling for 'Coriolanus'. A riveting piece of cinema that holds your attention well for the two hours that you are seated in an auditorium, 'Coriolanus' has the much desired dramatic quotient that you expect from a film which is based on a Shakespeare play...
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Arthur Christmas Review - A heart-warming tale for the winter

Ok, let's admit it (once again) - West indeed knows much more than just a thing or two when it comes to their animated tales. Leave aside the fact that the animation is consistently superior, what really work time and again are the story ideas which are fresh, innovative and more and often than not the kind that one can relate to...
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Heartbreaker Review - Predictable

The moment I realised that a French romcom was seeing an English dubbed release for itself, I was reasonably excited. After all a film like this coming from the land of love is most welcome, especially so when you are further informed that it was a smash success in France...
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Darkest Hour The Review - Marginally entertaining

Ok, so there is one basic question that needs to be answered about 'The Darkest Hour' and that is about its genre. Publicised as a sci-fi horror flick, even though it has an element of sci-fi to it, there isn't even an iota of horror component there. Okay, so one wasn't hunting for that to begin with but when the publicity states so in bold print, one is bound to look for it as well...
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