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As a producer it is my right to book in advance - Aamir Khan

IndiaGlitz [Thursday, November 22, 2012]

Actor turned producer.. B-town perfectionist Aamir Khan defends the so called 'unhealthy' pre booking practiced witnessed during the release of JTHJ and SOS by saying its fine for a producer to book in advance but also maintains that he is not conscious about the 100 cr club thing and still feels nervous before his new release...

Talaash - another SRK rejection comes your way like 3 Idiots..?

No that is irrelevant to me. I am not concerned with what other people have liked or not liked. I am not bothered about it. I am only bothered of whether i liked it or not.

Is there any war between three Khans?

I don't know...i don't give it importance. Is there a war between me and Shahrukh right now?..... So it's of no consequence to me. My best wishes where there for Yashji's last film Jab Tak hai Jaan which Shahrukh is a part of. I wish the best to Salman as well for his film which is coming up during Christmas. So i am hoping both the film does well and so does Talaash.

Then why such unhealthy practices noticed during SOS and JTHJ release.... your comment.?

I would not like to comment on this issue. Ajay is a friend of mine and so is Yashji, Adi and Shahrukh. So i don't want to comment on it at all. As far as film releases go, i think that i personally feel that if a film producer has planned his release in advance and announce the release date in advance and i come to the agreement with the theatres and book them...whatever requirement i have, if the theatre agrees to give me that time, then there is nothing wrong. As a producer it is my right to book the theatre. If my judgement tells me that i need two weeks for a film and if the theatre gives it to me, then there is nothing wrong. I am not commenting on any one film, I am talking generally. My stance will remain the same.

You have book the theatres for 2 weeks for Talaash. Akshay's Khiladi 786 might face the music.?

I have no idea which film is coming before us and after us. I am hoping they have taken two weeks at least because i want to make sure all the people who want to see my film got to see it. That is appropriate release planning. The theatre is not bound to give me two weeks. They might decide to give me one week or not even screen my films; a theatre can refuse to screen my film too. This is what open market is all about. Both sides have to agree on terms. I know of cases when the producers are so confident of their film that they want an open run. An open run is that I will release my film in your theatre and you will not take it off until I tell you to. So if the business becomes less, i will give you a minimum guarantee. So the terms are different for different films at different times. These are individual agreements for individual films and theatres.For eg: You are a theatre owner, you have a choice of two films. Two films happen to be releasing the same day, one is 3 idiots and the other is peepli live or dhobi ghat. You have a choice after a week, you can either run 3 idiots or Peepli lIve, which one will you opt for. I am not forcing you; you are at your free will deciding that you will have one film over the other. No single screen can be forced into anything. I don't see anything wrong with this. The question of bigger or smaller needs to be decided by you (Theatre owner). I am a theatre owner and i want to make sure that i want to earn money, which film will I take. What i would do is that, I would tell Peepli live or Dhobighat that right now i need 2-3 weeks for this film, come to me after that and i will run your film.

Do you still get nervous before a film releases?

Yes. I want to run for cover. i get very nervous before a release. I just try to go into a shell. Sometimes i feel we have made a good film and people will love it, sometimes i feel they won't. It's like being in love. Sometime you feel she loves me and sometimes you feel she didn't think of me at all. We all hope that we will not be screwed up on Friday.

You are conscious about 100 crore club thing?

I have never looked at figures. 4 films have been made on Bhagat Singh in a period of 8 months and the last of the four have not done well. One month later, Rakyesh Mehra narrates the script of Rang De Basanti. If I was looking for a block buster hit, why I would have done that. Mehra's earlier film did do well at the B.O. So if i just want a 100 crore, why will i do it. Its not my approach.

You are known for your unique way of promotion but we haven't seen you promoting Talaash in a big way?

I think promoting a film is an important part of filmmaking. I don't think it is separate from that; it's an intrinsic part of that. Filmmaking is story telling. The more excited you are about the story you have, the more intense will be your attempt will be to get people's attention. For me that is why it is a part of filmmaking. If i am excited about Talaash, i want more people to see it. Marketing also depends on what the material is. Talaash is an intense drama so i don't want to be talking about the film everywhere. I want that suspense to be there, that's part of the promoting of the film. Sometimes being quiet also might promote it. Merely information is not promotion. I can create a desire by not being there too. The bottom line to create a desire. You need to be honest with the material.

(this is part one of indiaglitz interaction with Aamir... Part 2 will be coming soon where Aamir will share more on 'Talaash', his equation with his directors and much more... )

PI story is bullshit but still its so fantastic & thats its charm Ang Lee

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