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Love is in the Air Part 2

IndiaGlitz [Thursday, February 14, 2013]

It is the auspicious time of the year for all the love-doves. With the V-day around the corner, love is in the air; in Kollywood, love has always been in the air, through all the seasons. Since the very beginning in the last century, Tamil cinema has always worshiped love and romance, and almost all movies revolve around this basic yet fundamental emotion. In the last five decades, the Woods has seen a roller coaster of this rapture, and every possible angle and practicality of love has been analyzed and subsumed in under four hours' time frame. Here is a list of timeless classics:

1. Sethu

Yet another trend setter was contributed by director Bala, to the Kollywood. The pragmatic story revolves around a careless rogue falling crazily in love with an angelic soft natured girl. Although it is difficult to accept, sometimes, the truth is bitter, and that has been portrayed clearly in this movie. The rough and macho college student Sethu, who obliges to nobody, softens for Abitha, the simple daughter of a poor temple priest. Like everybody else, excepting his sister-in-law, Abitha also has prejudices about 'Chiyan' and is scared of him. But when she finally understands him and accepts his love, a past incident leads to the deadly attack of Sethu by the villains. What happens as a result is that he suffers brain damage, with no memory from his past. When he finally comes back by self recovery, the asylum fails to understand his stability, and chain him nonetheless. Finally, he manages to escape the tormenting asylum; he makes it only to Abitha's, who happens to kill herself, funeral. With nothing to live for, after the death of his love, he surrenders to the institution wardens, going back to the asylum. A complicated yet compelling love story, Sethu is another beam in the hall of love in Kollywood.

2. Bombay

Based on the Hindu-Muslim riots in Mumbai, the story revolves around a Hindu origin boy falling in love with a Muslim origin girl. Like it always happens, the families oppose and they elope to Bombay, where the boy (Aravind Swamy) works. A few years down the lane, they are a happy family of four. This is when the famous riots break out in the city, ripping the family apart, separating the children from the parents, who themselves have been separated. How they finally come together, with all the emotional turmoil in the meanwhile, has been captured tactfully by Manirathnam. The movie had a strong message - love is beyond caste and creed.

3. 7G Rainbow Colony

With a simple title, and a simpleton on screen set up, the movie continues to make strong and powerful waves among the youth. What Selvaraghavan offered was a candid portrayal of the youth. The boy Kadhir from a lower middle class family, who is a poor performer at college and is also jobless, falls in love with Anita; both are residents of Rainbow Colony. The movie screens the gradual transformation of Kadhir into a responsible person, due to Anita's chiding. Even after Anita's family move out to another house, the two meet without their families' knowledge. One day, Anita escapes her home to spend the night with Kadhir in a hotel. The following morning, she gets hit by a speeding truck, while crossing the road. Post the recovery from the accident, Anita continues to guide Kadhir at every stage, with a difference that Anita gets killed in the accident and it is only Kadhir's hallucination. However, dealing with a serious and heavy story line, Selva had managed to put it rather appealing to the audience in the three hours. The concept is that true love is beyond death.

4. Minnale

Having fallen in love with a beautiful girl (Reema Sen) at the very first sight, our hero (Maddy) decides to get to her no matter what. On tracking her down, he sadly comes to know that she is already engaged to somebody else. Maddy, however, doesn't give up. Getting to know that she has not seen the groom, Maddy decides to make a move. He waits for the opportunity when the rest of her family goes out of station for a week, and moves in with her in the name of the groom to be. In all innocence, Reema lets him in. In the course of time, she truly falls in love with him, still unaware that he is not the groom that her family had selected for her. In the end, the movie winds up as Reema is put in the deciding corner, as she finally chooses Maddy, for she truly loves him. Most of the story is concentrated in the one week where they gradually yet steadily fall in love with one another, time and again.

5. Mayakkam Enna

Quite a bold movie in the recent times, the movie is predominantly heroine centred and on how she is the woman behind the hero's success. Richa Gangopadhyaya who gets introduced into the gang of friends as Sundar Ramu's girlfriend, initially doesn't move in terms with the photography aspirant Dhanush. But gradually, she develops feelings for him, and makes the bold decision of marrying him. From then on, she becomes his mentor and the strongest pillar of support. Dhanush gets cheated, as his role model wins an award in his name, using Dhanush's photograph. Highly dejected Dhanush gets into a drinking fit, which leads to Richa's miscarriage, and she stops talking to him. Finally when Dhanush manages to stand up on his feet and wins the International Photography award, Richa warms up to talk to him again. The story highlights how supportive love is and what effect it has on a person's life in the thickest of his times.

6. Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

Accept it or don't, but there is no denying the fact that everybody liked this movie. All of us want such a beautiful love story in our personal lives. The young and charming college grad STR (Karthik), aspiring to become a film director, falls in love with the landlord's daughter Trisha (Jessi), who, as a religion, doesn't watch movies. The contradiction begins there, goes on to she being a year older than him, and last but not the least, belonging to different religions. However, this doesn't stop them from falling in passionate love with each other. This was a Gautham Vasudev Menon classic with a solid climax, where Jessi is married to somebody else, still unable to forget Karthik, who makes his debut success movie based on his own life story. There was message to both genders in this film - it is the small and lovely things that a boy does, which makes a girl feel special and important in his life, and it is often the small little unyielding from the girl's side that puts the man off balance. This is possibly the best romance Tamil cinema could offer.

Valentine's Day travels far beyond red roses and heart shaped cushions. It is the small gestures of affection that has always driven the wheel of love. And Tamil cinema worships the wheel. Don't be afraid to feel what is natural; let go of prejudices. Pick up the courage to go ahead and spread love, like Kollywood has been doing for decades together.

Love is diminishing! We need Love!

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