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World War Z Review

World War Z
Cast:Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox
Direction:Marc Forster
Production:Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Ian Bryce
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World War Z Movie Review - Yet another Zombie movie

IndiaGlitz  [Friday, June 21, 2013]

So you have seen a zillion apocalyptic movies, that starts somewhere in America, and a lone fellow American racks his nutty brain to find a solution? Yes this falls in the same line as well. The movie is adapted from the 2006 novel by Max Brooks, and is directed by Marc Foster. Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt plays an UN employee who sets out to stop the mad Zombie Pandemic that is defying the whole world from surviving. The movie is produced by Brad Pitt's production house and is being released in India as usual in various regional languages.
Zombie Attack:

Why that fascination on Zombies is something that never is fully understood. Hollywood has been the home of Zombie movies/Games for quite some time, and there have even been some comical zombie movies. Leading a normal life is former UN Employee Gerry (Brad) who is the kind of man close to his family that you would expect. Out of nowhere a deadly pandemic breaks out worldwide and consummates mankind leaving no clue as to where and how it began. The result is a horde of whooshing psyched Zombies and worse they are everywhere!
The story gets so predictable from then on, Gerry the UN investigator is summoned on a mission as to find the source, and he scavenges to Korea where it is believed to have originated. We keep pondering through the movie as to find out why a retired UN scout is weighed with the heaviest responsibility that the world needs as of then, a little more logic could've done justice to his role. Gerry's hunt leads him from Korea to Jerusalem which is built like a fort to stop the zombies. However it's either coincidence or the sheer luck Gerry brings, Zombies fall all over Jerusalem as well.

After a cumbersome struggle Gerry and an Israeli Soldier (Daniella) escape Israel on a plane and just about the eureka moment springs to him like Viola! He makes communication with the UN and the musters up to Cardiff WHO, however as predicted the plane is struck by Zombies and the only survivors are these two. To experiment his doubts, to save his family and then all the ideas that lead up to a sequel is what forms the rest of the plot.


If you are a Zombie fanatic, this movie is a definite watch and as predicted it is, the makers have given all the hints of a sequel as this movie only ends with a temporary solution to escape from the human rabies. Neither the complete cure, nor what happens to the devastation and how did it break out are answers to follow, if there is a sequel. The run-through on the streets of PA was mind blowing, and as you can expect is some wonderful CGI and direction, so is the scene of Zombies invading the streets of Jerusalem.
Brad Pitt's age is quite not hideous and all that dark spots come off easily, however the star is still the dude you cannot write off. Just like any other day his task is cut to save the world and bring a change that can heal the wounds of agony. After some maddening horror sequences, the cute friendship between Gerry and the soldier is indeed a solace to the eyes. However the best part about this horror movie is that, it doesn't have any sleazy eyucky scenes that might make you shift uncomfortably in the chair, and it's an OK watch for family audiences as well.

The movie though is adapted from the novel, it has been largely altered owing to all the political showdowns that the book had. Another thing is the gimmicky comment passed on India being referred to as a Black hole when Gerry discusses the source of the outbreak. Arguably that might hurt the sentiments, but it's an American movie and they have ridiculed almost every other nation. The movie has the size of a crater in the form of UN's astonishingly belief on an retired personnel, of course all the family attachments apart, the pandemic has almost consumed the whole world, but he is the one person who they can rely upon??
The movie's climax was altered as the script had some huge loopholes and so was shot all over again costing the company almost $125 million. The direction works in bits and pieces, he needs a pat on the back for the opening Philadelphia scenes, wonderful and pace climax sequences. However the screenplay was a predictable bucket that did not give the necessary thrills of a horror movie.
Verdict : Watch it if you are a Brad Pitt & a Zombie maniac.

Stars : 2.75/5


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