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    Flops don't deter me: Verma

    Tuesday, July 27, 2004
    He is so prolific that sometimes you wonder whether he has an assembly line to make movies. Little wonder that he has named his production house The Factory.

    He has been churning out films left, right and center. He has brought a new idiom to filmmaking. His films, whatever genre they may be, have a gritty modern feel. They speak a new and trendy lingo.

    The whiz director was in Hyderabad (a place that made him a director in the first place) for a week. He has three new films lined up in Telugu: Maayam and Marri Chettu (dubbed versions of Gaayab and Vasthu Shastra ) and a Telugu film Madhyahanam Hatya.

    We caught up with him during his sojourn here.

    Excerpts from an interview with him:

    How does it feel to be back in Hyderabad?

    Great. I have happy memories about the place. This is the place that made me what I am. You can see the influences in my movies.

    Tell us something about your new production house Factory.

    Actually it is a name with reason. I have worked out a detailed and expanded network of infrastructure from various quarters to make my films. In some sense, the approach is what you see in a modern factory. Hence, The Factory.

    Can tell us more about the production house?

    We give the brand name Verma's movie. But my work in most films stop with that. There is a battery of talented young directors in the set up. They are all strong-willed individuals with their own style and skill. They don't look up to me. It is their film. Their baby. They don't copy. But in terms of technique and style there may be some similarity.

    You have very many things on your plate isn't?

    The production house is going to handle 12 films at a time. You may think this is too much. But actually it is not. The company is involved in 11 films while I, as a director, am involved in just one. I may direct one film with Amitabh Bachchan in the lead. My colleagues and assistants are shooting the rest of the movies. So there is nothing taxing.

    You are not bothered by flops. You continue to make horror films despite setbacks in that genre. Why?

    I am a great believer in the theory that the film fails, not the genre. In fact, my original aim, when I came into the industry, was to make a horror movie. Had not Shiva happened, I would have done that. But my fixation is still there. I like the challenge and the thrill of it. Flops don't deter me.

    You have set heroines like Urmila and Antara Mali?

    It is the role which select the heroines (heroes too). I don't promote anybody. I don't like such ideas that I push a particular heroine forward.

    Why Maayam and Marri Chettu in Telugu?

    There are some universal ideas. These films have that. The characters will definitely be identifiable. Actually I don't make films keeping a target audience in mind or to please anyone. I make films for myself. If I get up one fine morning with an exciting idea I will go ahead and make a film. The language aspect much later. If it is profitable and worthwhile, I may go for other languages.

    Tell us about Madhyahnam Hatya

    I like Chakri's (Chakravarthy's) talent and skill. He has lot of creativity. That is the reason he has been selected to direct Madhyahnam Hatya. He will vindicate me.

    What are your plans on your comeback to Telugu?

    must clarify that this is no comeback. I make films on my own terms. I make it to my satisfaction.If people like it, I am happy for that.

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