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    "Nandi for both singing and dubbing, is my ambition"

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006
    She participated in an All-India Singers Competition by All India Radio unexpectedly. She also gave a programme in Doordarshan. Her voice manages to strike a chord in the listeners hearts.

    Yes indeed, we are talking about Sunitha. Remember the song ''''''''Ee Velalo Neevu…Yem Chestu Vuntaavo…?'''''''' It was rendered by none other than Sunitha. She is not just a singer, she is also an anchor and a good dubbing artiste at the same time. When the Telugu film industry started importing heroines from Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab and Karnataka, someone with a good voice and diction was needed to lend voice to the heroines. Sunitha, with her impeccable voice, fitted into the role perfectly.

    Since she is a singer and an anchor herself, Sunitha is always able to deliver just what is expected of her, by getting the emotions of the artistes right and delivering it flawlessly through the dialogues she speaks on behalf of the heroines. Hence it is not surprising that Sunitha has already bagged Nandi Awards for the Best Dubbing Artiste three times earlier and now, for the fourth time, she will be receiving the Nandi Award-2005 for ''''''''Pothe Ponee'''''''' film wherein she lent her voice to Sindhu Tolani.

    On this happy occasion, Indiaglitz met this versatile personality to extend compliments and also to have a sneak peak into her career.

    Excerpts from the interview:

    You are the proud recipient of the prestigious Nandi Award for the fourth time in a row. How do you feel?

    I am very happy. Its not just me - my family, friends and everyone else associated with me are very happy. Firstly, I feel happy about working in a Nandi Award winning film 'Pothe Ponee.' When I learnt that I bagged the Nandi Award for lending my voice to the heroine, it was absolutely thrilling.

    What are the elements in 'Pothe Ponee' that took the film nearer to Nandi Award? Tell us about your role in it.

    If you want the reason, I can say that it is the storyline of the film. It has many social elements and a great story. Sindhu Tolani has an absolutely lengthy dialogue in a scene, in the second half of the film. She rehearsed the dialogue several times and delivered it. I had to practice it too, for about four times and deliver it with a similar emotion.

    I guess the jury members must have been impressed with that particular scene and hence awarded the Nandi to me.

    Did you expect this award earlier?

    In fact, I get my gut feeling working, every time I get on to do a film. When I worked for 'Radha Gopalam,' I had a premonition that I would get an award for that film and I got it. Likewise, when I lent my voice for Charmi in 'Anukokunda Oka Roju' I had an intuition in similar lines. My extra sensory perception seems to have worked right as far as these two films are concerned.

    Give us your impressions about director Tammareddy Bharadwaja.

    Bharadwaja is a nice person. Whenever I render a good song, whenever I anchor well, whenever my dubbing is worthy of appreciation, he is the first to applaud me. I thank him for giving me this opportunity in his film.

    Please tell us about your family.

    Ours is a joint family. I live with my husband Kirankumar, my mother-in-law, my mother, my maternal grandmother and paternal grandmother. We stay together and ours is a very happy family.

    What is it that has taken you to this height in your career? Who inspired you to turn a dubbing artiste / singer / anchor?

    I cannot exactly say that I have had an inspiration that way. I never thought that I would become a singer or a dubbing artiste. I participated in a singers competition organized by All India Radio. Later on, I did a programme for Doordarshan.

    I then got an opportunity to sing 'Ee Velalo Neevu…Yem Chestu Vuntaavo…' as a playback singer in 'Gulabi.' Even now, everyone asks me to render that song, no matter where I go. The song became hugely popular and it changed my life completely.

    How did you turn a dubbing artiste?

    After my song in 'Gulabi' became very popular, several music directors approached me to render songs. At the same time, I got a chance to dub for Soundarya, who was quite popular then. Later, opportunities continued to knock at my door, what with the entry of several Mumbai and other language heroines entering Tollywood.

    Is it that you came here to become a singer but settled as a dubbing artiste?

    Not at all. I never planned to become a singer or a dubbing artiste. I became a playback singer accidentally. My venturing into anchoring and dubbing was also accidental.

    How do you manage all the three dimensions in your career namely singer, dubbing artiste and an anchor?

    There is nothing called 'managing something' here. I mostly work as a dubbing artiste. Whenever I have time or get an opportunity, I render songs and do some anchoring. I have never burdened myself or sacrificed something to do a particular job.

    What kind of support do you get from your family?

    They have been quite good. Had they not supported me, I wouldn't have been able to achieve anything. We always take a decision together. As I told you already, ours is a joint family and a happy family.

    Whom do you lend your voice to, generally?

    I have dubbed for almost all the heroines who come from Mumbai. It also includes Arthi Agarwal in 'Andala Ramudu,' Kamalini Mukherjee in 'Anand,' Sonali Bendre, Farjana, Priyamani among others. I also dub for Sneha, Charmi and Sindhu Tolani.

    What is your opinion on heroines who come from Mumbai to act in Telugu and what do you feel about the native artistes?

    It is not the question of who the artiste is and where the person is from. I like good artistes who can emote well. Its because Mumbai artistes are working here, I became busy as a dubbing artiste. Otherwise, I would have remained a singer. It makes no difference for me or my position. Isn't it?

    Have any actors commended you for lending your voice to them?

    They do not know who dubs for them. But it is Soundarya who asked about it, learnt from the film unit about me and complimented me for dubbing for her in 'Choodalani Vundi.' Likewise, Sonali Bendre also appreciated me on hearing my voice that I lent to her.

    You have become a singer, a dubbing artiste and an anchor by chance. Is there any such chance for you to turn an artiste too?

    No chance! Though I got opportunities for acting, I rejected them because I strongly feel that I won't suit any character on screen. Why invite some burden into my life when I am already leading my life very happily?

    Do you have anything to say to those who proclaim that women should not enter the film industry?

    There is nothing like that. Anyone can enter the film industry. If one has the talent and confidence to do something, they can enter the film industry without any apprehension. These days, women rule the entire world in all fields. There need not be any doubts, if you have control over yourself, no one can do any harm to you. If you remain headstrong, you need not be afraid of any one!

    Sunitha has earned a good name in the US than what she has, in India. Why?

    Possibly. People there do know very well who Sunitha is, than the people in our own land. Whenever I go there, they receive me very well.

    If asked to choose, would you call yourself a good anchor, a good dubbing artiste or a good singer?

    First I am a good housewife. Then comes the question of being an anchor, singer, whatever. Let me safeguard my position as a woman first, then as a wife and all the other positions come later.

    At this juncture, what would you call as your ambition?

    I have no ambitions in particular. But I have a strong desire to receive the Nandi Awards for Best Singer and Best Dubbing Artiste, together on one stage and at the same time. I hope to get my aspiration fulfilled next year.

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