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    I know my stamina, I don't compare my films with others - Venkatesh

    Tuesday, April 17, 2007
    After a blockbuster like ''Lakshmi'', Victory Venkatesh took a long gap of 15 months to take part in the shooting of his next film. He liked the subjected narrated by director Sri Raghava and agreed to play hero in ''Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule'' to be produced by Sanam Naga Ashokkumar and NV Prasad on the banner of Sri Sai Deva Productions. The film is all set for release by the end of April. Venkatesh had shared his experiences, details of the film and about his character in a chitchat with Here are the excerpts.

    How do you justify the title of the film 'Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule'?

    The moment I was told the title of the film 'Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule', I was very impressed at it. I had a different feel after listening to the title. I did the film because the subject, the environment and everything is quite pleasant. When the director narrated the story, I felt that the title is quite apt for the subject. In certain situations, every girl or a woman keep something in their mind but reveal something opposite to it in open. In this film also, there are several such situations similar to the ones that suit the title. That is why we named the film as 'Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule'.

    What is the basic subject… like… family, love or action-oriented?

    No. It is absolutely not an action movie, but a complete love and family entertainer. We are sure that it would be a clean entertainer. At the same time it is a romantic love story, but quite different and opposite from routine love subjects. The director designed the film in a realistic way and every person who was watching the film would identify himself in one or the other character in the film in real life.

    Tell us about your character in the movie

    My character's name in this film is Ganesh. While every one of his age secures a job, gets married and settles in life, this Ganesh will roam around without any ambition sans any kind responsibility. At this juncture, he falls in love. He keeps an ambition to win the love and it moves on all through the film. Generally, you people call that kind of character as 'lover boy'. Such was my role in this movie.

    How do you feel doing a lover boy character?

    Really it is a challenging character for me. Almost all my films where I played the role of a lover by were big hits. But this time, the role has come to me after doing responsible roles in films like 'Sankranthi' and 'Lakshmi'. So, I was forced to struggle hard for sometime, but I liked the character and did it with dedication.

    The films directed by Sri Raghava earlier were quite different from each other. How did he deal with this subject?

    Sri Raghava prepared the subject ready to suit my body language and my image. When a director doing a big film, he would get a feeling of doing a film with a star. However, the character moulded by director Sri Raghava is quite apt to me. It suited best to my image. After watching the movie, every one would admit that such characters should be done by Venkatesh only.

    What is the point that fascinated so much in this film?

    There is a very good father-son sentiment in this movie. Though I did some such characters earlier too, this has a specific purpose. It is almost similar to 'Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav' but for a minute difference. I felt the different while I am playing the character. The entire first half would be full of entertainment, while the second half has the combination of a lot of family sentiment, sentimental scenes where the audiences find wet in their eyes. The entire film revolves around Ganesh character. There are about 40 to 50 artistes played different roles in the movie. Each character had its own distinction and identity and has good importance. As a whole, the film would be like another milestone in my film career.

    Tell us about Trisha's character in the film?

    It is yet another wonderful character. She got a very good opportunity in this film. She appears in a new look in this movie and gave a superb and real performance. We can say that her performance is a big asset for the film.

    What about music in the film?

    There is very good music in this film. The audio was released into the market recently and is getting a very positive and good report. There was a comment in the beginning that the songs are a little slow. But after listening the songs for more than three or four times, they got the feeling of listening to good songs. We are confident that the audio would be a bigger hit after the release of the film. Unlike the other film songs, there won't be any dress changes or location changes in this movie and all the songs were choreographed with a perfect theme and in a pleasant way that are truely real. Especially, the song that comes in the second half, 'Allanta Doorana…' song has come out wonderfully. The audiences would feel very happy after watching them. That is why I am saying that all the songs are clean songs.

    Is there any specific reason for doing a film with Sri Raghava?

    What would be reason? When he came to shoot films, he met me several times and expressed his wish to do a film with me. Later I watched his film '7/G Brindavan Colony'. I liked it very much. When he narrated me the story, it doesn't have any kind of heroism. It is just a family entertainer. I was impressed with the way he narrated the story and I myself went into a trance and noticed me in the character. What all I can say is that it is a very nice movie.

    Tell us about the producers

    The producers had earlier did a film with me called 'Vasantham'. So I am very comfortable with them and vice-versa.

    You did 'Sankranthi' then did 'Lakshmi'. After that again you are doing a film 'Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule' and then 'Tulasi'. It looks you are trying to shed a particular image by doing a family entertainer and an action films.

    There is nothing like that. I am doing films like that just for a little change, but not going in a planned way. In my opinion, my films should be good and could be watched by everyone. That is all.

    Don't you feel that there will be any problem if you do films with lesser image like this?

    What do you mean by image. I did never care for such things. What I prefer to do is to dish out a good film. There is no chance of any kind of damage to my image. It is just not proper to do routine commercial cinemas, but an artiste should do different movies. Though the audiences will take some time to receive the heroes with certain image in such films, but we can't help it. When we want to give something new to the audiences, we have no option but to experiment and do such films.

    There are stories which would be prepared by keeping the hero in view, while some films would be made which are totally dependant on stories instead of the hero or his image? In this backdrop, this film would fall under which variety?

    I always prefer a good story and my character should be a part in it. Even in this film, I told the director the same thing. After watching the movie, the audiences should feel that it is a great story. Though it is a full family entertainer, it has some commercial and mass elements too. As a whole the film came out excellently.

    Tell us about your forthcoming project 'Tulasi'?

    Was the film titled 'Tulasi'? I have no idea about it. But the film had completed 60 per cent shoot. We are planning to continue the next schedule from May 1 and we are leaving for Europe for the purpose. We are planning to release the film in September. It is a full action-packed movie, with a touch of child sentiment.

    What kind of care do you take with regard to a film's budget?

    In 99 per cent cases, I will do safe projects with a strict budget. I came from a producers' family. I know what is my range, how far my films will do business and what is my stamina. I never compare myself with any others.

    We came to know that you are working in a film to be produced by Kodali Nani under the direction of Vinayak. Is it true?

    Who said that? My next movie was not finalized yet. Of course, I am listening to the stories but none of them were finalized.

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