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    'Viyyalavari Kayyalu' is a heart-touching film – Lagadapati Sridhar

    Monday, September 17, 2007
    Greetings to browsers. This is Lagadapati Sridhar. I had earlier produced films like ''Yevadigola Vadidi'' and ''Style''. Presently my third project ''Viyyalavari Kayyalu'' is on sets and the audio of the movie was released on September 6. There is a fabulous response to the audio from the audiences.

    Your film titled as 'Viyyalavari Kayyalu'. Kayyam (battle) is a negative word. Can you justify the title of the flick?

    Of course, even as there is a negative word in the title, we gave a fantastic tagline also for the movie such as 'Battle for Lovely Life' which means it is a quarrel or fight for a beautiful life.

    What kind of expectations you are expecting from the audiences on your movie?

    My first film 'Yevadigola Vaadidi' is an out and out comedy. It made the audiences laugh heartily. My second film 'Style' has music, dance and the dances enthralled the audiences. Now the third movie would fill love in the hearts of audiences and make them enjoy it even after coming out of the theatre. There is a saying that the world would be there as long as the love is. Our film will be very near to the saying. Our film would crown the love through 'Viyyalavari Kayyalu'.

    You have taken considerable gap after your second film to make this movie. What inspired you the most in the subject?

    The present generation youth are not evincing interest to the arranged marriages set up by their elders. Instead they prefer to go for love marriage. That is why they are distancing themselves from the elders. We learn how to love from our elders. So we should have the blessings from our elders. A couple believes in this kind of love. What was the response from the elders for that couple is the subject. I liked this point in the subject the most.

    Tell us about Srihari's character in the film?

    Srihari is playing the role of the brother of the heroine. While Sayaji Shinde is donning the role of hero Udaykiran's father. Both the families are quite contrast from each other. Srihari's role in this film is really dynamic. He is a very good artiste. It was Srihari who could express the feelings of love and affection just through expressions. You can notice it even in one of his earlier films 'Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana'. The flavours that were missing in that character in that film could be seen in this movie. He has done a great job in this movie.

    Udaykiran is now not in limelight and have no successes in his recent past? How did you take him as hero?

    I always give preference to talent. EVV directed my debut film. Both the films in the immediate past to my movie were duds. But he is a talented director. He had directed some 40 films and of them 35 were hits. Believing the talent in him, I chose him as director for 'Yevadigola Vadidi' and it remained one of the best top 10 comedy films. Likewise, the hero of the film Rajesh too had no successes to his credit. But I have belief in him and chose him as hero. That film ran for Silver Jubilee. Likewise, 'Style'. If a film has dance in its backdrop, it should have a dancer as hero. If a star plays the hero, the film would be a definite flop. If the dancer is the hero, then it would be a big hit. This theme was proved in films like Sirisiri Muvva, Sankarabharanam, Sagara Sangamam.' That is why I chose Lawrence as hero, and kept Prabhudeva and Raja as supporting artistes and brought out the film. It also ran for Silver Jubilee. With the same confidence, I chose Udaykiran as the hero of my third film. He has talent in him. That is why, his films like 'Chitram, Nuvvu-Nenu, Manasanta Nuvve' were proved blockbusters and ran for silver jubilee. Of course, his fate is not good and the films in which he played hero failed to reach the expectations of the audiences. But Udaykiran has good fan following among the women audiences. Udaykiran is like one among the million. Just because two of his films were turned flops, you just can't ignore the talent in him. We are confident that Udaykiran would give a new definition to the word performance.

    To what extent your stamp could be seen on the film?

    It would be right from Censor to 'The End' of the film. If the film proved a blockbuster, the credit would go to the entire team. If the film fails, I am individually responsible for it.

    Tell us about the music in your film?

    The biggest plus point for our film is 'music'. Ramana Gogula scored music for movies of several top stars. His career has begun with 'Victory' Venkatesh's film. He gave music for three super hit films of Pawan Kalyan. Last year, 'Lakshmi' the super hit film from Venkatesh has music from Ramana Gogula. While the performance of Venkatesh is one side of the coin, it was music that stood on the other side of the success. Ramana Gogula is committed, passionate music lover and technician. Though our film is not a big film as far as the star cast, he agreed to do a film immediately when I proposed him the offer and gave fabulous music for our movie. We are confident that our film would be one among the top 5 audio albums of all the films released during this year. I believe ours is No. 1 audio and I am very much confident that the audiences would agree with me.

    For director Sattibabu, this is a heavy budget film, when compared to his earlier films? How did you give him an opportunity?

    Director Sattibabu is a very talented person. I believe he did not reveal about himself either on his own, or I don't know whether he stopped other from telling about him to the needy. He always prefers to maintain a low profile. Of the films he had directed three films were big hits and ran for 100 days. 'Tirumala Tirupati Venkatesa, Ottesi Chebutunna and O Chinadaanaa' are the three films. His movies 'Yevandoy Srivaru and Nenu' ran as average flicks. In any of these films, he did not commit mistake in making. The average run might be due to wrong release time or for some other reason. Of the three hit films, one is complete comedy, the second has comedy plus sentiment and the third movie is completely a sentimental movie. But my favourite movie is O Chinadana. That film is almost on par with my film 'Yevadi Gola Vadidi'. Likewise, his film 'Ottesi Chebutunna' is almost on par with the recent release 'Andala Ramudu'. There is no big difference between these two films. So, he has complete talent in him and hence we selected him as our director. Moreover, he would go to places after the release of our film. He moulded 'Viyyalavari Kayyalu' in a beautiful manner. He is very very talented. The film was made with a mix of 'O Chinadana' comedy and the Ottesi Chebutunna sentiment. We are confident that the film would earn a place by the side of films like 'Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana' and 'Bommarillu'.

    Larsco is a synonym for publicity. How you are going to take up publicity?

    Any good product would emerge victorious and reaches top slot with good publicity. Whether it is Coca Cola or Pepsi? Even the same theory applies to even films. I am confident about the success of the film with the feed back I got from the audio sales. I will show the same confidence in the publicity. I will try my best to bring the audiences to the theatre and make them feel that if they are planning a movie it should be 'Viyyalavari Kayyalu'. I will not just leave the audiences, I will reach them as strongly as possible. I wish my film ad should appear in channels like a Coke ad. If I was able to get space, I will try to buy as much as possible for the publicity.

    Sattibabu prefers comedy in his films? How would be the comedy in your film?

    In this film, there is sentiment and romantic scenes, besides action and comedy and other such elements. In my first film I gave preference to comedy and in my second film I gave priority for dance. But in this film we ensured all kinds of elements in perfect and necessary quantities. I recommend this film to all the film lovers. My first film was liked by 60 per cent audiences, while my second film was liked by 90 to 90 per cent audiences. But this third movie would bag 100 upon 100 marks from the audiences.

    What are the highlights of your film?

    I always prefer that the entire film should remain a highlight as a film. I never prefer bits and pieces as highlights in my movie. I am confident that our film would remain a highlight for the entire year among all the films that were produced by the Telugu film industry.

    These days most of the audiences are watching the films after reading reviews on the Internet. What is your comment on this trend?

    I don't say it is wrong. But these days reviews are looking as if the reviewer is scripting it during the interval. I mean without watching the entire movie or without taking into consideration the opinion of the audiences. Instead, if the reviewer takes time and wait for two days and take the opinion of the regular audiences also and write down the review on Sunday or Monday, it would be very fair. Several reviewers criticised my first film as a disaster and has nothing in it. But it ran for Silver Jubilee. That is why my suggestion is to write review in a justified way.

    What is your opinion on

    After the release of 'Lakshyam' in Tamil at Chennai, I happened to read Indiaglitz. Its dynamic, very colourful and informative. I wish that our Telugu film reviews should also raise to the level of other language reviews. I thank for promoting me and my film.

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