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    Maryadaga Sunil

    Thursday, July 22, 2010
    Catch Sunil, the bubbly comedian who has made us laugh non-stop! This is his first interview to a website and IndiaGlitz tells it with pride! Look at Sunil answer questions about his movie ‘Maryada Ramanna’, his character and what it means to work with Rajamouli and Ram Gopal Varma!

    Entertaining audience in Maryada Ramanna

    As a comedian, I have not tired such a character before. Everyone will receive a lot of pampering and hospitality when they come to see this movie. Look at the hospitality I receive in this movie and that will make you laugh.

    About my character…

    Sunil’s way of comedy will not be visible in this movie. Rajamouli has designed the ‘Ramu’ character in ‘Maryada Ramanna’ and it will look like his design. Ramu’s character is very genuine. Nothing artificial. According to situation he will change his plans. It is a regular guy-next-door character who has a lot of respect towards others.

    Getting lean for the movie...

    Just because Rajamouli’s heroes are slim I didn’t think of reducing my weight. In my appearance in ‘Andala Ramudu’ I received both negative and positive feedback. All of them liked my dance in that movie but no one liked my tummy. It was absurd and hence Rajamouli garu asked me to lose weight. I lost a lot of weight and seeing me Rajamouli told that the glow is absent, so again I put on six kilos.

    Getting a chance in this movie…

    I came to ‘Maghadeera’ shooting on the first day. During the lunch break was talking to Rajamouli and I told him I wanted to build my body and asked him I want to do a villain character as it is my dream. After two hours, he told he wanted to do a movie with me as a hero! I was shocked and blank. I was not surprised or shocked, something more than that! But he told me not accept the movie just because of him but if I was impressed with story! By luck even the story was impressive and I agreed!

    Revealing the story line…

    The movie’s name is ‘Maryada Ramanna’ and a few people have not understood the importance of the title! This movie is a different theme. What he tried in ‘Magadheera’ cannot be tried again. It will become routine! People want change. Though the story has been informed how the screenplay is written will be thrilling. It will be exciting to the audience as how the scenes will progress!

    And the cycle in the movie…

    The cycle plays an important character. Yes the cycle will talk but I can’t hear it. The cycle will complaint about me to the audience and they will enjoy the laughter! Funnier because Ravi Teja has given the voice over. It is like- he will be acting alongside me invisibly!

    The music in the film…

    Actually the music is life and backbone for ‘Maryada Ramanna’. The background music is amazing. The story is one of its kind and never heard in Indian cinema not only in Telugu cinema. I have never seen such scenes in any movie before.

    Important moments while shooting…

    Every moment with Rajamouli was an important moment. I thought I was working hard so much but after seeing Rajamouli I realized that my work was nothing in front of him. He worked so hard taking care of every shot and every actor.

    Sunil as Maryada Ramannain

    People when they see a character they will treat him to be innocent or intelligent. But for my character I didn’t do anything. I am a general common man. I was being a normal guy-next-door. I didn’t do anything special for this movie but people will laugh more than what I’ve done so far.

    The biggest kick in the movie…

    The biggest kick in the movie. The story is different. The hero does not love the heroine. That’s the biggest kick. If I leak anything now, it will spoil the fun!

    Rajamouli’s movies have loads of graphics…

    This movie has a lot of graphics but people cannot identify it as graphics. Nothing is obvious in the movie. Unlike Hollywood where graphics can be identified, in this movie natural graphic elements like a bridge, a house ceiling, etc. graphics cannot be identified! It is a great thing.

    Censor certificate says U, what do U have to say?

    This is Rajamouli’s first U censor certificate movie. May be the censor authorities treated me like a kid!

    Fighting with weapons…

    I don’t resort to violence. I didn’t have a necessity to take a weapon. How I escape from danger is my self defence! How I use my ideas is the heroism!

    The highlight of the movie…

    This is purely new film! Something that has not been tried before in Telugu. It is a mixture of all genres like comedy, thriller, etc. Most movies are either action or thriller but this movie is a mixture! It will be as tasty as a wedding dinner!

    Dancing in the movie…

    Audience will enjoy my dance in two songs! One song is melodious and two other songs are situational. Among that one song is a motivational song that gives me a strength!

    About heroine Saloni…

    Saloni is very expressive. She was punctual and came to sets before time. She acted well and got her break a little late. I think this movie will give her a break!

    Hero Sunil or comedian Sunil

    I will definitely do a comedian’s role. Depending on the opportunity, I will take up projects. As of now I have given my word to two projects, I will complete them!

    Ram Gopal Varma’s Project…

    Receiving an offer from Ram Gopal Varma is the biggest shock in my life. He asked me to listen a story, I never expected that. Ram Gopal Varma is a great man who went from Telugu industry to Hindi industry and made his name. I wanted to ask him a small role but he gave me the hero’s role in ‘Katha Screenplay Darskathvam Appal Raju’. I reacted in the same way how I reacted for ‘Maryada Ramanna’. I never planned these things, it came by luck and I thank God!

    Ram Gopal Varma’s comedy

    His comedy is unique! No can create a comedy like him. Comedy in ‘Kshanam Kshanam’ or Bramhanandam’s dialogues in ‘Money’, they are all superb. We will laugh even now thinking about them. His comedy is unique! He makes comedy seeing people in society. It is so lively!

    Thrills in the movie…

    There are a lot of thrills in ‘Maryada Ramanna’. I don’t fight with anyone. I escape from people who come to hit me, they are all taken in a thrilling manner.

    About writer Kanchi…

    I know Kanchi as an actor. We’ve acted in a movie before. We got along very well during traveling during this movie. He has a great comic timing!

    The movie’s brand value…

    Without Rajamouli, ‘Maryada Ramanna’ has no value. This movie has a craze because of him as he is a big director. I will have to tell a dialogue from a movie! We have to accept that.

    Sunil Speaks,

    This is the first time I am giving an interview on a website! I will tell my friends about it and be happy! We will be happy to entertain you for two hours in this movie! Please come and have a healthy laugh! Please don’t see it in a DVD or VCD. Please watch it in theatre. We have worked hard for this movie! Wish the viewers all the best and success!

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