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Veera Review

Banner:Sanvi Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Cast:Raviteja, Kajal Agarwal, Tapsee, Shyam, Nagababu, Rahuldev, Pradeep Ravath, Kataraju, Prabhakar, Brahmanandam, Ali, Venumadav, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Master Bharath,others
Direction:Ramesh Varma
Production:Ganesh Indukuri
Music:SS Thaman
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Veera Movie Review - 'Bloody' movie

IndiaGlitz  [Friday, May 20, 2011]

Raviteja, Taapsee and Kajal Agarwal in one film!! Sounds so cool and wow combo. Raviteja, in the sky after his 'Mirapakay' turned out to be a success,  Kajal-Taapsee on the high after their 'Mr Perfect' became a hit, these stars came together for a mass commercial entertainer 'Veera'. Despite being Mass Maharaja's film, the publicity and buzz for this flick was poor. It released today and we watched it on the first day.Here is what we think about this potboiler...


Shyam Prasad(Shaam) is an honest ACP who arrests a goon Dhanraj(Rahuldev). In the process of arresting him, Dhanraj accidentally kills his own son and so now hates Shyam for that. He kidnaps Shyam's son and kills him. He also threatnes to kill Shyam's daughter Anjali. Meanwhile, the government appoints Deva a police officer as security to Shyam's family. Raviteja comes as Deva and saves Shyam and his daughter. However, Shyaam's wife Satya(Sridevi) hates him and doesn't like his involvement in her family affairs. Shyam keeps the death of his son a secret from the rest of the family. Meanhile, Ika(Taapsee) is Anjali's friend. She falls in love with Raviteja. Shyaam gets to know that the security officer Deva whom the government appointed is not the same as Raviteja. Also a man disguised as swami (Pradeep Rawat) is trying to know the whereabouts of Satya. The rest of the story goes on a flashback mode on who is Raviteja and what is his relationship with Satya. What is his real name and why is he trying to save Satya and her family? Who is the swami and what is his enemity with Satya?


Raviteja followed his trademark style. His comical histrionics, his time tested dialogue delivery, his laughable dancing 'ish'tyle are all the same and well known. He is convincing in his role and he radiates energy in every shot.

Kajal is impressive with her action. Her emotions are now mature, well timed, strong and intense.She has evolved as an actor.

Taapsee however needs to do better. She can't pass off with showing her thighs and designer wear all the time. Her expressions and dialogues don't really match. She looks lost in all most all the frames. If she takes up another project like this, her rising career will surely be in the verge of collapse. Infact her role in this movie is absolutely unnecessary. She was included in the script only to extend the length of the movie.

Bramhanandam and Ali manage to tickle your funny bones though Bramhy's expressions are now a bore. His way of crying and his confused face now are so routine that it doesn't excite audience anymore. Perhaps audience have become immune to his funny antics and he better discover new ones before he becomes a part of Telugu cinema comedy history.

Sridevi's action is over the top and she behaves like a weeping TV serial artiste. Sudha, Pradeep Rawat, Rahul Dev, Divya Vani are cliched and painfully irritating in their cliched roles.

Clapworthy moments

The costumes in this film are impressive.Barring a few wardrobe disasters, the attire is superb. Taapsee despite a middle class background in the film looks a million bucks in her mini skirts and elite shades.

Kajal bowls you over with her sensuous exposing of naval in beautiful sarees. Raviteja's comedy with Ali comes as a breather in this otherwise violent film.

Cinematography by Chota K Naidu reflects his experience and command on the camera. Dialogues like 'Charitra Neeku Gurthundela Kottamantava... Charitraku Nuvvu Gurthundela Kottamantava' have a mass appeal.

The locations in Europe where the songs were shot are new and never seen before in Telugu cinema. The song 'Oh Meri Baavari' was well choreographed. Yet another track 'Ekkadekkada Unnado' was shot like 'Greeku Veerudu' of Nagarjuna.

Cringe worthy moments

Gone are the days when Telugu film directors used to watch a few English movies and copy a few scenes from each of them to make one Telugu movie. This director Ramesh Varma shamelessly copied scenes from our own Telugu movies and made this film. As the scenes roled by, audience in the theatres were predicting a song and there came a song. They were predicting that Sridevi is Raviteja's sister and it came true. They were predicting that Sridevi's son is alive and that too came true. Can the director or the stars kindly explain what is so twisty and new about this film? The dual meaning dialogues like 'Nuvvu Ekkuthava Nannu Ekkamantava' are in bad taste.

The scenes like SUVs flying in the air, people in the village in chorus encouraging the hero to kill the villain, mantric chants 'Jai Jai Veera' when the hero is bashing the villain make you want to tear the screen apart and scream 'Veeeerraaaaaa...' Oh! Before I forget, when the hero collapses in the fight with the villain Pradeep Rawat, a little girl yells 'Maavayaa..' and the hero opens his eyes. In how many thousands of movies have we not watched this scene already? Divyavani who is the wife of Pradeep Rawat kills herself because her 'Penimiti' is not Mogadu enough to kill 'Veera'.Even teens will have better reasons to commit suicide I am sure.

Songs in this film are real pain. Why is Taapsee dancing with half torn clothes near snow cap mountains? Raviteja should quit wearing shades in so many scenes. How does he explain the logic that a village headman wears designer shades in the city? Even in the scenes where he is talking to a child, he wears shades which is disgusting to watch.

Taapsee looks at the photo of Kajal in Raviteja's purse and there goes a song. Kajal looks at Raviteja and there goes a song. The timing and leads for songs are as silly as the script of this movie is and is sure to test your patience. Which part of Andhrapradesh do girls play Kabbadi tournaments in Langa Ooni? Kajal plays and that too with her langa down her naval. Wow really? If you want to take your kids to watch this film, think twice. Because half a dozen legs are chopped off, another score heads are beheaded, hands are twisted and pregnant women are stabbed. The screen is splashed red with blood every five minutes in this flick that is sure to give you a massive headache.


An absolutely predictable and irritatingly boring film.Watch it at your own risk.

Released on: 20th May, 2011

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