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Kaanchi Review
Mukta Arts Ltd
Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty, Kartik Tiwari, Mishti
Subhash Ghai
Subhash Ghai
Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant, Ismail Darbar
IndiaGlitz [Friday, April 25, 2014 • Hindi] Comments

What is it all about?

Subash Ghai the once irresistible show man of b-town next `Kaanchi' coming after six years (remember the dud `Yuvvraaj' starring Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Katrina Kaif) turns out to be an over plotted, dramatically undernourished feature that never breaks free from its obsession to old cliches and its own past glories.

A crowded box office release and introduction of a new comer Mishti in this women oriented saga `Kaanchi' will be tested sternly as a Subash Ghai entertainer before weak word of mouth that will send it packing.

The Story

Written by the b-town last show man - Subhash Ghai `Kaanchi' is `Taal' winking `Karz' but without any rebirth (read return) hint for the once prolific story teller.

Kaanchi (Mishti) is a cute lovable firebrand in a village exclusive for ex army officers in the picturesque landscapes of Uttrakhand.. Kaanchi speaks what her heart orders and one day she finds herself torn between the obsession of the popular politician Kakad (Mithun) son played by Rishab Sinha and her lover played by Kartik Tiwari who is against the corporatization of his village by Kakad and his flashy businessman brother played by Rishi Kapoor. Circumstances force Kaanchi to fight against the giant political system and corruption in Mumbai in order to do what is right.

The script on paper seems to be a straight forward bollywood masala of love, romance, drama and action with dollops of nationality pouring in from time to time.. but sadly over here the script lacks the required excitement and appeal struggling consistently to grab interest going banal and tedious very soon.

What to look out for

Yes we do find flashes of the prolific Ghai here and there. As his trademark the villains are extraordinary in his movies be it Karz, Hero, Kalicharan, Karma, Ram Lakhan, Meri Jung, Khalnayak, Vidhaata, Taal.. god what entertainers.. `Kaanchi' also boost some terrific act of villainy from none other than Mithun Chakraborty who is just superb. Mishti is a sweet charming find. Kartik is pleasant. Chandan Roy Sanyal is fantastic. Rishi Kapoor is flashy and entertaining. Rishab Sinha as the obsessed Kaanchi's lover is fine. Sudhir Chowdhary's cinematography makes you breathless. Production values are fantastic. Other technical aspects are fine.

What not

The prolific veteran fails again to convince, convey or engage the audience with his story telling techniques. What is more depressing is to find not a single memorable tune in a Subash Ghai's movie. Ismail Darbar and Salim Sulaiman disappoint heavily. Adding further scratch to the wounds we see a number like `kambal ke neeche kya hai' where Ghai's previous all time hits are mocked.. why.. Dear Mr. Ghai you will always be remembered for your terrific work done in past even if you continue to make `Yuvvraaj' and "Kaanchi' in future.. you don,t have to remind your audience.

Conclusion: `Kaanchi' is curious for being a Subash Ghai movie for those who have grown with his cinema but sadly the movie turns out to be injurious for a Ghai or a bollywood fan in general.  If you want to know how a `Hero' and `Vidhaata' of B- town box office can become a self defeating `Khalnayak' then go for it..

Rating **

Rating: NULL / 5.0

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