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MUST READ: Highlights of Pawan Kalyan's moving speech!
Saturday, March 18, 2017 • Telugu Comments

Pawan Kalyan gave one of the longest speeches ever at a filmi event.  He got nostalgic, autobiographical, chronicling the link between his state of mind and the kind of subjects he got from time to time.

Here are a few highlights of his speech:

Whether it's farming, sweeping the street, I work with honesty and without a sense of shame.  I do acting with the same sense of performing a duty.  In future, too, I will perform whatever is the duty.  (He was hinting at political responsibilities he is set to undertake).

I entered politics as I believe that power is a means to do public good.  Whether success comes or not, it's fine.

I don't differentiate between my children and your children.  They are all the same.

There is a dialogue in 'Gokulam Lo Seetha'.  'Preme daivam, prema sarvam, preme shrusti manugadaku moolam ani telusukunna'.  I don't remember my film's dialogues generally.  But this dialogue impacted me. (He recalled that he had known Trivikram Srinivas from those days.  It was he who wrote the line).

In 'Suswagatam', when the father's character dies, the son realizes the importance of his father.  I have always been a responsible son.  I cried for real while filming for the climax.  I did that scene by slapping my cheeks hard some 40 times.  My head was paining.  I couldn't control my tears even after that scene was finished.  'What if my father dies?' I thought, although it's wrong to think like that.  Years later, when my father died during the making of 'Jalsa', I didn't cry.  Because I had already cried so much!

Pawan said that the themes of 'Thammudu', the punch line 'Nuvu Nanda aithe nenu Badri.. Badrinath', and the song 'Ye Mera Jahan' from Khushi say different messages.  "The first one says that nobody can draw the limits for you, the second one says that you and I are the same human body made of flesh and blood, and the third one says that others don't have any business at my place," he said.

I was watching 'Khushi' a day before its release.  During interval, something in me told me that bad days were upon me.  I couldn't sit there any longer.  I came out.  I lost hunger.  I regained my strength only during the making of a police station scene for 'Gabbar Singh'.  (After 'Khushi', Pawan had no hit for a decade!)

When I went to Kurnool to celebrate the 200-days function of 'Suswagatham', I didn't know how to react upon seeing thousands of fans during the procession.  I never knew so many would turn out to catch a glimpse of me.  I could only greet them with a namaskar.  At that moment, I remembered what my father used to say. That everybody in this creation is equal.  The day you think you are higher, you are ruined.

To me, it's Chiranjeevi garu who is the hero.  I never see myself as a hero.