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Vijayendra Prasad on 'Srivalli', next movies, writing a sequel & more [Interview]
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 • Telugu Comments

Vijayendra Prasad Interview

K Vijayendra Prasad, whose first directorial since 'Rajanna', 'Srivalli', hits the screens on Sept 15, in this interview talks about how the idea of his latest film took birth, writing 'Manikarnika' and more.

How did this idea take birth?

I had a very nice, all-weather friend by name Ramesh.  After I settled down in Hyderabad, I never got to meet him.  But his memories lived with me.  A day before the Vijayaka Chavithi in 2010, his memories became so strong.  When I was to Vijayawada two years later searching for him, I came to know that he had passed away just a day before Chiavithi in 2010!  His mother told me that he remembered me a lot on that day!

I became very sad.  How come we both thought about each other even though we were separated by hundreds of kms?  'Srivalli' is a story born of that experience.

So what is the science that the film talks about?

'Manas' is the root of all thoughts.  If we can study the thought waves originating from it, we can read the 'manas' itself.  That way, we can treat the afflictions of such a 'manas'.  This is the theory.  'Srivalli' dwells into this idea.  'Srivalli' is the name of the mission around which the story unfolds.

Is it what the film is all about?  Wasn't the movie supposed to hit the screens in February?  Why has there been so much delay?

It all starts off as a psychological study.  Eventually, it blossoms into a triangular love story.  There is a thrilling aspect.  Some twists that are beyond our imagination unravel in the course of the film.

The delay is owing to the CG work.

Where is the scope for imagination when science is objective and factual?

Yes, it's true that science is evidence-based.  But I have added the logic of physics to the reality that is there.  That's how the story becomes intriguing.

What have those who have watched the movie told you?

I have screened 'Srivalli' to many of my friends among directors and writers.  They have all appreciated my work.  They are of the view that it's a fresh concept.  Something that has always been told in a casual way has been told like a thriller in 'Srivalli'.

Before I screened the movie for Paruchuri Gopalakrishna garu, I told him to hit the 'Pause' button whenever he thinks he can guess what is going to happen.  But nowhere did he use the button throughout.  He told me that he couldn't guess a single twist.  As a writer, this is the best compliment that I could have been given.

The film is not going to disappoint any of those audiences who come to watch it expecting something new.

'Manikarnika', the Krish-directed movie, is a historical.  Tell us about that.

The producers had asked me to write a story based on the life and times of Rana Laxmibai.  I told them I will write one only if Krish was going to direct it.  I feel only he is the best one to make it.  They had watched 'Gautamiputra Satakarni' and felt strongly that Krish is the best one to direct 'Manikarnika'.

We have heard that you are writing a sequel to 'Nayak' ('Oke Okkadu') in Hindi.  Tell us about that.

Yes, I am writing one.  At the 'Mersal' audio launch, AR Rahman approached me, saying that he has got a story line.  He wants me to evolve it into a story.  He wants to produce the film himself.

What are your upcoming projects?  Have you got any desire as such?

I am going to direct a Telugu and a Hindi movie.  I will announce them this Dasara season.

I want to see Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan being directed in a film by Rajamouli.