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Rangan Style on 21

Thursday, March 13, 2014 • Telugu Comments

Kichcha Sudeep was in ‘Ranga SSLC’ and his CCL and cinema colleague Pradeep is ‘Ranga’ today in ‘Rangan Style’. This is a highly expected film because of topnotch Sudeep present in the film as CCB head. The mere presence of Sudeep also sky rocketed the demand for the film.

Pradeep just married and part of the Celebrity Cricket League winning team of 2014 is expecting good results for his hard work in first solo hero film ‘Rangan Style’ – he plays rugged youth with fancy costumes and hairstyle. In the second half when he falls in love how changes he brings in to his role is also interesting to watch from this handsome looking Pradeep.

Kannika Tiwari from Mumbai found in sister role of Hrithik Roshan film is playing homely role. It is a simple chulbul kind of a role. She plays the daughter of a politician in the film.

‘Rangan Style’ on 21st of March is debut of director Prashanth. Gurukiran already giving a wonderful lift from song Gangammana Style…. Cine Tech Soori capturing some of the exotic locations like Sultan Battheri add to the high qualities of this film ‘RS’.

Last year same time ‘Ranga’ went on the floor and this year around the same time ‘Style’ is ready for silver screen recalled director Prashanth. It is love, action, sentiment packed with lovely songs. The pattern of first half is breezy and second half it is cool going. Kichcha Sudeep is in important role and he comes 10 minutes on the screen said Prashanth.

The life style of Ranga is kept as ‘Rangan Style’ and nothing else. Tabla Nani plays elderly friend to Pradeep with Sudhakar in the film. Gangammana style is in demand wherever I perform on stage says music director Gurukiran.