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Three Newbies for Friday

Friday, March 21, 2014 • Telugu Comments

This Friday is special for three new directors and three new producers entering the Kannada film. Prashanth, Rajeev Nethra and Krishna Lekhan are making debut as directors from ‘Rangan Style’, ‘Manada Mareyalli’ and ‘Chaturbuja’ respectively.

One is filled with style, romance, action, message, the other one is pure love story with different climax and third one ‘Manada Mareyalli’ is based on the slogan popular in Karnataka ‘Nethra Daana Mahadaana’ that was floated by Dr Rajakumar.

The presence of Kichcha Sudeep in ‘Rangan Style’ as City Crime Branch head for 10 minutes whirlwind visit is also passing message to the lovers and parents. In addition to it smart looking hero Pradeep is first solo hero film. He was seen in four films earlier. Ranga SSLC is the film that Kichcha Sudeep played and ‘Ranga’ is taken here for this film. Sudeep also starring in this film is a coincidence plus a great support to his CCL colleague a good all round player Pradeep. Gurukiran music is already hit with ‘Gangamman style song reach top of the chart. Bharathi Singh of Comedy Circus and international fame is in a song number. Deepika Das, Sadhu Kokila, Rekha Das, Sharat Lohitashva, Tabala Naani are also in the cast. Murali Ganesh, Bobji, Tribhuvan are choreographers. PR Sounder Raj is editor. Ravi Verma is stunt director.

TITLE – RANGAN STYLE, Producer – Orange Brothers, Direction – Prashanth, Music – Gurukiran, Camera – Cine Tesh Soori, Cast – Pradeep, Kannika Tiwari, Sudeep guest appearance, Deepika Das, Bharathi Singh (of Comedy Circus in one song Gagamman Style…), Sadhu Kokila, Rekha Das, Sharat Lohitashva, Tabla Nani and others.

CHATURBUJA – a love story filled with romance, innocence and action is the new attempt of MM Krishna Lekhan. What do the two pairs of shoulders – Chaturbuja means four shoulders do is the crux of the film. Poornachandra Tejaswi of Lucia fame as music director.

TITLE – CHATURBUJA, Producer – MB SHivananjappa, Direction – Krishna Lekhan, Music – Poornachandra Tejaswi, Camera – Kiran Hampapur, Cast – Arva, Shreya, Tabla Nani, Baadal, Tennis Krishna, Chandrika, Nagaraj Sharma, Jadhav Mysore, Mohan Juneja, Murali Sringeri, Sowmya and others.

MANADA MAREYALLI  - The key inspiration for this film is the slogan of Dr Rajakumar ‘Nethradana Mahadaana’. The heroine is blind in this film. How she faces the tough life is good experience for heroine Vindhya because her real life parents are blind. Sriki of Olave Mandhara is lead hero, Ajay Rao Krishna is in a guest appearance of this film with touching tale in it.

TITLE – MANADA MAREYALLI, Producer – Mahesh Anekal, Direction – AH Rajiv Nethra, Camera – Naveen Suvarna, Music – Thyagaraj, Cast – Sriki, Vindhya, Ajay Rao guest role, Ananthnag, Rangayana Raghu, Bullet Prakash, Vishwa, Sandeep, Mamata Rahuth, Pratiksha and others.