10 poses from Harish Kalyan to keep your Instagram game up

Running out of poses for your Instagram profile? Get some inspiration from the handsome hunk himself

Casual Walk

Black shirt and a casual walk can do all the magic

Man bun

Flaunt your man bun just like him

Side Face

Don't be shy put on Ts and show your jawline

Black and White

When everything fails go for the black and white

Cool dude looks

Doesn't he look as cool as the Cucumber?

Thug look

The hair and twisted moustache s(l)ays it all

High spirited

Just do what your soul feels doing like

Hot and Raw

Ufff! This click just turned up the heat. Don't you agree

Gym Click

Impress everyone with a workout click just like him

Warm and cosy

His warm smile can make many crazy. Just try