10 Times Pawan Kalyan Has Wowed Everyone With His Singing

Pawan Kalyan has carved a distinct style of on-screen singing. He began a trend of his own in mainstream movies by mixing fun, frolic, comedy, situational humour, and music. Here we give you the list of nine songs that Power Star has sung so far. The 10th one is coming soon!

Em Pilla Maatadava (Thammudu)

PK's folk song for the movie worked as an element of situational comedy. He started the trend of big heroes suddenly breaking into songs.

Thati Chettu (Thammudu)

This was yet another folk song that had the front-benchers whistling like crazy. PK was inimitable in it.

Bye Bye Bangaru Ramanamanna (Kushi)

Power Star's easy bonhomie with Ali came to the fore in this song from 'Kushi', which was a massive hit.

Nuvvu Sara Taguta (Johnny)

In an otherwise dull movie, this was one of the very few high moments. The song packed creative messaging.

Ravoyi Maa Intiki (Johnny)

Once again, PK was at his coolest self here. The song had the fans rooting for the singer in him.

Paparayudu (Panjaa)

This was an unexpected interlude in a serious action drama. The actor had a great time pulling it off.

Kaatama Rayuda (Attarrintiki Daaredi)

The song was interspersed with a comedy track. It had the superstar rendering it with mirth and show.

Rajulaki Raaraku Pothuraju (Desh Bachao, private album)

It was politician Pawan and not actor Pawan this time. The patriotic album had the best vocals from the Jana Sena leader.

Kodakaa Koteswar Rao (Agnyaathavaasi)

The song was a cross between a piece of mainstream music and folk-sy vibes. It was fun.

Unleased song from 'Bheemla Nayak'

The upcoming 'Bheemla Nayak' song is going to be the 10th singing outing from PK.