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17 year old girl raped for 1500 rupees loan

Saturday, September 1, 2018 • Tamil Comments

In a shocking and gruesome incident a 17 year old girl in Murad Nagar, Ghaziabad has been raped by two men as punishment for failing to pay back a loan of 1500 rupees. Shraddha (name changed) who failed her 11th standard exam last year has been at home since then and to meet the expense of a village function had procured rupees 1000 and 500 from fellow villagers Shahid and Mohanlal.

The men had been to her house several times to get back the money but due to poverty Shraddha had asked for time.  On Wednesday the teenage girl was travelling on the outskirts of the village in a cycle when Shahid and Mohan stopped her and demanded the loan amount back.  When the girl begged them for more time they suddenly dragged her to a nearby bush and mercilessly raped her.  The parents have lodged a complaint and the more horrific thing is that a small boy has also been involved in the incident by helping the men.