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2016: The Songs That Electrified Our Souls

2016: The Songs That Electrified Our Souls

Recapping the year's best numbers, here we tell you that DSP ('Nenu Sailaja', 'Nannaku Prematho', 'Janatha Garage' and 'Khadi No. 150') and Thaman ('Sarrainodu') stood to be the rock star entertainers. Gopi Sundar of Mollywood delivered two big hits ('Oopiri' and 'Majnu'), whereas Vishal Chandrasekhar's 'KVPG' melody was soul-soothing.

Mani Sharma returned with a bang ('Gentleman'). AR Rahman's song from 'SSS' made it to the chartubusters for months on end.

As for the singers, the entertainers ranged from the likes of Sagar and Karthik to Haricharan and Hari Haran. Shreya Ghosal had two ('Sarrainodu' and 'Gautamiputra Satakarni') blockbuster songs. Well, Udity Narayan was back too, thanks to Chirantan Bhatt.

'Sailaja Sailaja'

This number from 'Nenu Sailaja', rendered by Sagar, became an instant hit when the film hit the screens on New Year day. The fact that this DSP musical had the strength of the situation and concept only made it all the more of an early hit. DSP opened the year with a high, only to follow it up with the album 'Nannaku Prematho'.

Bhaskara Bhatla's lyrics came with a sense of beautiful levity.

'Nannaku Prematho'

Released as a tribute to his late dad, this DSP number is one of the best melodies ever produced by the celebrated music director. Its lyrics tug at the heart-strings of countless number of listeners.

'Ee andhamaina rangula lokana..' the lines went. It had NTR in tears when he listened to it. Rendered by Sagar and DSP, this heart-touching number stands out as a rare number.

'Naa Manasu Neelo'

DSP's electrifying energy was just infectious. Sharmila supplemented his electrifying effect well. This was yet another super hit number penned Bhaskara Bhatla. Although the music director pulled from some of his old tunes, but the improvization was brilliant.

In an album with tough competitors like 'Love Me Again', in an album full of content-driven songs, this duet challenged the choreographer and the director Sukumar as well.

'Vasthane Vasthane'

It is not frequently that Hari Haran renders a romantic duet in Telugu and when he does, he entertains to the core. In this case, Kousalya chipped in with her mellifluous voice, while Hari Haran reminded one of his combination with Nag for 'Nuvvu Vasthavani'. Ramajogayya Sastry's lyrics were drawn from the old-world textbook, making the lyrics sit well with the folkish mould of 'Soggade Chinni Nayana'. One of the biggest Anup Rubens hits ever.

'Nuvvante Na Navvu'

Unarguably, this song had the youth go gaga over it. Vishal Chandrasekhar's melodious musical rendition was lyrically rhythmic. Sensuous romance took the front stage in the first stanza, appealing to the youth. The second stanza presented deep phrases like 'navveti kopanive', 'mouname mata marchesena..', 'kalisocche shapanive..', 'neeralle mareti roopanive..', the eternal promise of the lover boy, all set to drum beats. Krishna Kanth wrote the awesome lyrics.

Haricharan Seshadri and Sinduri Vishal perked up the appeal of the melody.

'Okka Life'

This 'Oopiri' song, penned by Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry, had a gentle, lilting feel. Sirivennela's lyrics captured the beauty of living life every moment. It brimmed with optimism and as Gopi Sunder's music scaled up in tempo, it was a poetic treat for sure. Karthik's rendition heightened the experience.

In a year when Sirivennela got accolades for his 'Gautamiputra Satakarni' lyrics, this was the first best product from the literary giant.

'Thelusa Thelusa'

Thaman proved to be a mini-Melody Brahma for a change. He ensured that the tuning feels like a breeze. The mellifluous rendition by Sameera Bharadwaj was eminently enjoyable. Jubin Nautiyal complemented Sameera's talent. Sri Mani's lyrics came as a mix of poetic touch and (prominently) conversational style.


Shreya Ghoshal's rendition breathed life into this massy number. At a time when item songs are rendered more by a Geetha Madhuri or a Shravana Bhargavi, Shreya offers a welcome change. Nakash Aziz and others matched up to the electrifying effect of the music.

Ramajogayya's lyrics packed doubles entendres in a relatively mellowed language.


As Mani Sharma returned after a long time, he brough in the wake a soothing duet. Getting the singers right on the bat is his forte. Karthik and Pranavi offered a fresh vocal fragrance. The lively voices were enlivened by the Melody Brahma's instrumentation. Ramajogayya Sastry, the lyricist of natural choice of late to pen romances, was at it again. On balance, this album gets an initial kick in the number.

'Anasuya Kosam'

Mickey J Meyer may have failed to strike the right chord with 'Brahmotsavam', but that was not to be with 'A Aa'. Krishna Chaitanya's lyrics came with juxtapositions and comparisons. It was again situation-based; the lover boy was at the receiving end of Anasuya and was ready to bear with anything. Karthik's voice for this number was apt.


'Premam' had a fantastic start. From vocals that spelled meaning, to lyrics that brought out the the lover boy's heartfelt emotions with accuracy, to a musical score (by Rajesh Murugesan) that presented the old-world charm, the song had all of these.

Sree Mani's lines came with a familiar poetry largely, but they also threw up high-brow poetry here and