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Do You Believe: 47year-old Woman sets her house on fire and stuck around to watch it burn.

Saturday, May 8, 2021 • Tamil Comments

A video of a woman relaxing while sitting in a lawn chair with a book has gone viral on social media. She had overwhelmed put her house on fire and then sat on the chair to watch the blaze from her front lawn.

In the shocking video, Neighbour Avery Hammond shot Gail Metwally, 47 shows an argument between the woman and another person in the lobby. The next thing you see is that the house is on fire and the woman is sitting outside on the lawn in a chair.

After a few minutes, Metwally walked away from the scene. While the home was on fire, an unknown person said during the video, “I cannot actually believe my eyes. I cannot actually believe it. And she’s sitting there, just chilling, watching the house go up in flames. Oh my God.”

According to Maryland State Fire Marshal, the woman who was inside the house at the time of the fire is 52-year-old Blenda Holbrook. Her sister, Pat Bernal, told the news outlet that someone had thrown a trash can down the stairs, blocking her exit out of the building. "She almost burned to death in that house, and I'm just really thankful she's okay," Bernal said. She added that the fire "burned" and "singed" Holbrook's hair.

Bernal says metwally had recently returned to the home after being confined elsewhere for mental health issues and repeated pleas to authorities in recent months to address her ongoing behavioural issues had gone ignored.

Metwally is now behind bars at the Cecil County Detention Centre. She’s been charged with attempted murder, arson, assault, and related charges, Authorities said four people, including Metwally, lived in the home. Two of the residents weren’t home when the incident happened.

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