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6' 2" Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, May 12, 2005 • Tamil ]
6' 2
AP Film Garden
Satyaraj, Sunitha Verma, Vadivel, Ravinder, Raj Kapoor, Mano Bala
V.Senthil Kumar
D. Imman

After a long gap, Sathyaraj plays a crime thriller that is all about serial killings. Though the movie begins on a brisk note, it unfortunately takes a sudden break towards the interval and fails to sustain the initial tempo in the rest of the movie.

Sathyaraj makes the movie interesting thanks to his screen presence, oozing his typical lolu all through. Debutante Sunitha Verma, playing the role of a police informer is a routine  glamorous heroine.

Vadivelu  has tried to evoke humour but seems to be repeat of his earlier movies. Raveendhar, a yesteryear actor, makes his return  after a long gap.

James (Sathyaraj) and Mr White (Vadivelu) work in a call centre in Chennai. James witnesses the murder of Krishnamurthy (Ajay Rathnam), a labor union leader. He promises the police to identify the murderer.

In order to crack the case, a police inspector Soundara Pandian (Raj Kapoor) urged the lady informer Ishwarya (Sunitha Verma) to act as James' wife and stay in a house opposite to Krishnamurthy's.

Upon coming to the house, the couple tries to crack the case. In this regard they befriend the family. Soon, Krishnamurthy's father too is murdered. Towards the interval one comes to know that the actual murderer is James himself.

In order to avenge the murder of his parents by Krishmaurthy and his brother Ramamurthy (Raveendhar) a few years ago, James stays in the house opposite to their's.

Coming know of his motive, Ishwarya promises to help him in bumping off Ramamurthy, who returns from Australia. The rest is all about the hero succeeding in his mission.

Though the movie has enough suspense and thrills, it certainly lacks pace in the second half and goes monotonous. But for Sathyaraj, the movie certainly lacks sheen in the second half.

Iman's music fails to impress while his re-recording certainly deafens our ears.

Director Senthil Kumar has tried to be different in his debut venture and can be appreciated for that. But he needs to face flak for not pulling it off fully.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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