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I used to hate Mohan Babu a lot: RGV

Thursday, March 20, 2014 • Telugu Comments

The audio launch event of Mohan Babu, Manchu Vishnu, Jaya Sudha and Shanvi starrer ‘Rowdy’ was done at Sree Vidyanikethan educational institutions in Tirupati on Thursday. Ram Gopal Varma is the director of the film.

Ram Gopal Varma, K.Raghavendra Rao, Dasari Narayana Rao, S.V.Krishna Reddy, Atchi Reddy, ­­Supreet (Katraj) etc have graced the audio launch event along with Manchu family members like Manchu Manoj, Vishnu. Manchu Lakshmi has attended the event along with her husband Anand Srinivas. The cultural activities done by Sree Vidyanikethan students have become one of the attractions at the event. Ram Gopal Varma’s mother,sister and uncle have also attended the event.

Dasari Narayana Rao launched the audio of the film and K.Raghavendra Rao has launched the first song ‘Ammoru ni Minchina Ayyavu Neeve’ of the movie.

Jaya Sudha has launched the second song ‘O Bullemma’ in the movie. Jaya Sudha expressed her happiness at acting with Mohan Babu after a long time and said that she has a special bond with Mohan Babu. She remembered working with Ram Gopal Varma for the films like ‘Money’ and ‘Dheyyam’. She said that working with him is always a pleasure and she considers him as the hero of the film. “Rowdy will sure become a big hit”, Jaya Sudha assured.

Director S.V.Krishna Reddy and producer Atchi Reddy launched the movie theme song – ‘Anna Anna’. S.V.Krishna Reddy said that he used to see RGV’s movies on the first day first show. “ I am a big fan of RGV sir. I am seeing a new style in Ram Gopal Varma and I hope Rowdy will sure become a blockbuster. The only great thing that Mohan Babu sir possesses is his discipline. He is an actor, who can do any kind of role. He is an example that one can reach great heights if one leads a disciplined life”.

Manchu Lakshmi along with her husband Anand Srinivas launched the fourth song ‘Nee meedha Ottu’ from the movie. Manchu Lakshmi said, “Though Ram Gopal Varma pretends to have no trust in love, he picturizes love songs very beautifully. I am the first from Manchu family to act in Ram Gopal Varma’s direction and I feel very happy at it. I love to be in the premises of Sree Vidyanikethan. I hope this film becomes a memorable one”. Anand Srinivas said that the movie, which is collaboration be­­­­tween a great director and a great actor, will be successful.

Manchu Manoj launched the ‘Seema Lekka’ song in the movie. “Rowdy is my favourite film in the recent times and the best one my father and brother has acted. Ram Gopal Varma needs no introduction. He has ruled the Tollywood and he has reached a position in Bollywood that any actor works with him if he calls them. I am sure this movie will become a big hit”.

RGV said,” I cannot respect Mohan Babu for one reason. When I went to holidays to my grandfather’s village in Kurnool many years ago, I saw a poster on which I had seen the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. When I asked, who she was, someone said that it is Jaya Sudha, a new actress. I started hating Mohan Babu, from the moment I saw ‘Sivaranjani’, because he tortured the woman I loved most in that film. I’d seen Dasari Narayana Rao’s ‘Sivaranjani’ 7 times in Vijayawada, when I used to have no money in pocket.  It is only because of Dasari sir, I could create realistic characters in my movies. The similarity Raghavendra Rao sir and I have in common is the love we have for women’s beauty”.

“I thank Mohan Babu Sir for the trust he has shown on me. His character in this movie will have so much intensity in it. Vishnu acts more outside than in films. It takes a great effort and commitment to run an educational institution. I respect him so much regarding this. I never had friends in my life, but Mohan Babu Sir is my first friend. Mohan Babu and Jaya Sudha are the best actors I’ve directed in my career”, RGV said.

RGV’s sister said that she developed love for villainous characters only because of Mohan Babu. Varma’s uncle said that Mohan Babu is a great person and society can never pay back to the great things he has been doing. Ram Gopal Varma’s mother also praised Mohan Babu for the way , he has been running the institution.

Mohan Babu’s family honored RGV’s family on stage.

Mohan Babu said,” Ram Gopal Varma’s mother should be very proud of him. Without Dasari sir and Raghavendra Rao sir, I would not have been here. But Ram Gopal Varma’s love for movies is unmatchable. He pretends that he doesn’t believe in God and sentiments. But he has all the sentiments, that is why he could make very good movies. If the students show 10% of concentration that RGV has, they will rule the nation. He has taught me how to deliver a dialogue in different modulations. He is the greatest director, I have seen in this generation. It is a wonderful journey with him. I will not talk about this movie now and I will talk after the release”.

“Jaya Sudha is like my sister in real life and I am very proud to have acted in so many films with such a wonderful actress”, Mohan Babu added.

Music director Sai Karthik thanked RGV and Mohan Babu for giving him such an exciting chance to work for their film.

Shanvi said that the movie is a great achievement in her life and it is a dream come true for her to work with RGV and Mohan Babu. ­­­She thanked Viranicha Manchu for suggesting her to the director.

Manchu Vishnu said that the producers Vijay and Gajendra are alumni of Sree Vidyanikethan. “Ram Gopal Varma called me one day and asked if was free. I couldn’t believe that he called me. At first we thought to work for a comedy film and when we met our father, he advised RGV sir to make a movie which bags me good name. But the very next day, RGV sir called me and said that he changed the story. When I asked the reason, he said that he will take my image to the next level and will show my father better than Dasari sir and Raghavendra Rao sir. He did what he promised. This is the best movie of my father and me. I will consider RGV sir as my mentor and this film will be a turning point in my career”, Vishnu said. Vishnu also thanked RGV for doing a great film with him and Sai Karthik for giving him his career best music.

Dasari Narayana Rao said that he will be proud of having a disciple like Mohan Babu and praised his philanthropic activities. “I’ve seen some scenes in Rowdy and Ram Gopal Varma has shown Mohan Babu in a way I even I could not show him. I appreciate Varma for this. He has fetched so much respect to our community of directors and India should be proud of having such a great director. I am sure this m