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Jaihind 2 Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, November 7, 2014 • Tamil ]
Jaihind 2 Review
Arjun, Survin Chawla, Mailsami, Mano Bala

Money is the most crucial concern for everyone. Just about anything is business these days and the most disturbing of these is that education is the hot cake of money making. Gone are the times when one got educated to find a good job; now parents are mandated to be in a high paying job, just to get their children past kindergarten. Saddening truth prevails that government schools do not match up in standards, in most cases, with private schools, in terms of faculty, cleanliness, motivation and facilities. In a fight for the right to education of every kid, 'Jai Hind 2' is a story, with a solution to the costliest family problem of these times.


It is the journey of five people, linked by one man, who fights for children's right to education. Little Parvathi from a very poor family background gets an admission into one of the most affluent schools in the city. But unable to pay the exorbitant fees, the man of the house sells one of his kidneys. They still fall short of a big chunk of money and the finally gives up and commits suicide. This disturbs Abhimanyu deeply, and the computer service engineer becomes a hero over night, by propagandizing a solution for education costing so much. Abhimanyu suggests that all private schools be nationalised, which will compel them to offer services at very little fees compared to tat being collected now, while still ensuring that the quality of education is not compromised. This is bad news for the private school owners, who make a business  out of educating children. And hence Abhimanyu is targeted and pushed to extremes. He is put behind bars and is conspired to be murdered. How he succeeds in his mission, despite all this, is the story of 'Jai Hind 2'.


Arjun plays the protagonist Abhimanyu, in love with Nandhini, played by Surveen Chawla. As it has always been in the case of Arjun, the actor is convincing of a real life humble hero. His ideals are realistic and given his physical strength, the way Arjun carries himself is most often convincing. Be it his action or sincere romance, Arjun is the charming man of cinema that he has always portrayed himself to be. Although Surveen appears only in a few portions, she forms for a good romantic relief in the taut action story. There are a lot of characters of in the film, but they have all done their best for a gripping story. Brahmanandam and Mayilsamy are a good comic relief.


The story is quite predictable, but the film scores in the way it has been taken on screen. Venugopal's camera has spoken aptly in every frame. With minimal yet entertaining songs, Arjun Janya has scored points in background score. The film has a very appealing concept and it has been delivered well under Arjun's able direction.


Concept is a high ranker in the film. It is enlivening to see that a story for the students future could be sculpted and presented so well. What makes the film seem practical is the way it has stuck to the story always, instead of straying around. Although there is a romantic thread - in fact, more than one - it is not mushy and clawing. Fight scenes have been choreographed realistically, and so have the social awakening scenes been planned out. Dialogues are a very strong pillar and are awakening even otherwise.

Could have worked better:

Although the film on the whole is a good package, some pieces so stand out in contrast. The emotional sequence of Abhimanyu's marriage is rather unrealistic. Taking to social media, and it being that a quick success all seems like a tall story for practical purposes. It is understandable that the film is a multilingual, but lack of original dialogues makes the film seem like a dubbed movie from a Hindi film and Telugu film, combined. Ignore these and other minor hitches, the movie has a healthy message.

Cinema has grown out and beyond mere mushy entertainers. Keeping himself up with the pace, Arjun has delivered movies of social concern and importance, from time to time. This take on education is a much needed wake up call for the current scenario.

Rating: 2/5

Verdict: Straight from the heart of a genuinely concerned Indian

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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