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Kayal Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, December 18, 2014 • Tamil ]
Kayal Review
Escape Artists Motion Pictures, God Pictures
Prabhu Solomon
Chandran, Anandhi
Madhan, James

After the stellar ‘Mynaa’ and ‘Kumki’, Prabhu Solomon has come up with one more love story set in the backdrop of Tsunami, which hit the Indian coast exactly a decade ago. Has he succeeded in delivering the third installment in his love trilogy? Read on…
Aaron and Socrates live their life to the fullest by working for 6 months and spending their hard earned money by visiting all over the country. They plan to visit the northern parts of the country and decides to end their trip by visiting Kanyakumari for Christmas. During their journey, they get caught near Kanyakumar for helping a couple to elope from the town. In turn, Aaron gets to meet Kayal and fall in love with her at the very first sight. And, the rest of the story is quite simple to predict from the trailer itself, but Prabhu Solomon has cleverly made use of ‘Tsunami’ to keep the audience guessing till the last minute.
Cast Performance:
Debutante Chandran is pretty authentic and brilliant as Aaron. He emotes really well, and his dialogue delivery is absolutely wonderful. He is sure to go places, provided if he chooses the right script. Vincent as Socrates makes the roof come down with his one-liners and played his role to utmost perfection along with Chandran throughout the movie. Ananthi’s eyes were the talking point prior to the release of the movie, and she had justified her selection with simple expressions. Krishnamurthy as ‘Zameendar’ rocked his role and his screen presence evokes claps and whistles from all the audience. Get ready to experience an unadulterated special comedy of, 2014.
Screenplay & Direction:
It seems that, Prabhu Solomon is very comfortable in dealing with love stories and he makes use of Imman’s potential to inject the love factor quite easily to the audience as well. But, at the same time, one could see that he is getting into a comfort zone, where little more of it could well be stamped as a ‘monotony’, hope he gets a wake up call from someone in the near future. The screenplay is streamlined and Prabhu Solomon has taken the full advantage of ‘Chaos Theory’ for ‘Kayal’. The dialogues are applaudable and shoulders the movie in the first half.
Technical aspects:
Music – Imman has given his best for Prabhu Solomon. The songs were just ear friendly before the movie’s release, but when it couples with visuals, the magnitude of the tracks gets multiplied to another level. Imman makes use of Violins to fill the BGM and it sounds so soothing in the first half and evokes grief in the second half.
Cinematography – Debutante Vetrivel Mahendran shows no signs of the debut and displays a veteran’s professionalism throughout the movie with his lens. One could get to feel that they are part of the proceedings in the ‘Paravaya Parakkurom’ song and in the climax Tsunami sequence. Making an impact in the very first movie is a challenge for many, but Vetrivel has done it quite aesthetically.
Well, the movie got loads of positives and it is watchable for sure, but it also makes the viewer think, how long will Prabhu Solomon takes the same route to achieve success? There isn’t a big difference between, Suruli (Mynaa), Bomman (Kumki), and Aaron (Kayal). And, anyone can switch their avatars and the audience will not be disappointed because of the similarities they carry.
There was a buzz that the Tsunami portions were shot for 6 long months, but it does not provide spine-chilling moments as it’s supposed to be. It would be better to lower your expectation before stepping into the cinema hall.
Verdict: Love will cross all the barricades; if it is a true one!
Rating: 3/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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