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Oru Oorla Rendu Raja Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, November 7, 2014 • Tamil ]
Oru Oorla Rendu Raja Review
Global Infotainment
Vimal, Priya Anand, Soori, Nassar, Thambi Ramaiah, Singampuli, Shruthi Reddy, Sasha, Narendra Khatri
R. Kannan
Michael Rayappan
D. Imman

In this short film generation, the youngsters are trying hard to make an impact in whatever way it is possible and sweating out to get an entry to the dream town. But, at the same time, K-town produces N number movies without any motive and the take the audience for granted. ‘Oru Oorla Rendu Raja’ falls in the latter category and tests the patience of movie goers. Kannan had a terrific debut with ‘Jayamkondan’ and carried the tag of, Maniratnam’s assistant. Unfortunately, after his first movie, he hasn’t done much to keep his graph growing in the positive end.


Priya Anand is a Doctor, who visits a village near Tuticorin and finds out many people are becoming deaf, and percentage of women complaining about miscarriage are alarming. Priya and her team eventually get to know the steel factory which owned by Nasser is the reason behind all this. The factory produces more than 130 decibels sound and the people who works in the factory leads a miserable life without proper safety measures. How Priya Anand saves the lives of people with the help of Vemal and Soori forms the rest of the story.

Direction & Screenplay:

There’s no doubt on Kannan’s ability on penning a story, but, his screenplay had let him down big time. Talk about screenplay, an intro song for Vemal & Soori – Check. Force an unnatural comic episode to convince the audience that there is actually some logic – Check. A sentiment scene to  create a love angle between the lead pair – Check. And, the list just goes on and on till the interval, and it keeps continuing after the interval as well.

Cast performances:

Soori scores much better than Vemal & Priya Anand with his natural dialogue delivery and not over the top facial expression. Priya Anand is one dimensional and doesn’t make the needed cut while delivering some powerful one liners. Apart from adding one more movie to his career, Vemal hasn’t achieved anything big in this role. Nasser and Thambi Ramiah too did not make any difference to the story.

Technical aspects:

Music – Imman’s songs neither made an impact nor pulled the movie down. Actually, to an extent, a couple of songs, save the bland narration and there is no scope for elevating the movie with BGM’s. So, Imman gets a pass mark here.

Cinematography – Muthiah’s camera evokes the sad state of factory workers and presents the songs in a colorful manner. Both Priya Anand and Vemal look beautiful in the song sequences, and that deserve a special mention.

Action – Stunt Silva made an impressive cameo only to die in the hands of Vemal and Soori. Though, the stunts don’t excite you much, at least it doesn’t ask you to take your mobile and check notifications.

Dialogues – Kannan had penned some wonderful dialogues to highlight the corporate greediness, but, that has been overshadowed by the below par screenplay. Priya Anand must work on her expressions and so does Vemal too.

What worked & What not:

Apart from few gripping moments in the first half, say 10-15 minutes while explaining the exploitation of workers at the steel factory, the rest of the movie falls short. On a positive note the movie’s run time is just above 2 hours and one must be really thankful to the editor, Surya. At the end credits, the movie carries ‘Save Humans’. The obvious question is, who will save the audience?

Verdict: A spiritless commercial movie made with a tinge of social message to convince the viewers that there is something called story in it.

Star: 1.5/5


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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