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Amrutham Dhvitheeyam


Season : 2Episode : 8Release Date : 25/03/2020


As someone who was an eager viewer of 'Amrutham' when it first went on air in the early 2000s, this reviewer can vouch for the comic value of the sequel.

Rating - 3 / 5

A Fun Ride

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, July 20, 2020 ]

Thus far, three episodes of the sitcom 'Amrutham Dhvitheeyam' have streamed on ZEE5.  The Telugu-language Original, directed by Sandeep Gunnam, brings back to life the sitcom 'Amrutham' in the form of a sequel.  In this feature, we review the episodes and tell you why they make for a happy family-time watch this season of lockdown.


Many years after going nearly bankrupt by making a silly mistake hours before Demonetization was announced on November 8, 2016, Amrutha Rao (Harsha Vardhan) and Anji (LB Sriram, reprising Gunda Hanumantha Rao from the TV serial counterpart) decide to reopen Amrutha Vilas, their dream eatery that was repeatedly defrauded by the funnily wily Appaji (Sivannarayana), their landlord.  What follows next is what 'Amrutham Dhvitheeyam' is all about.


Writers Vasu Inturi, Trisool Mahesh, and Gunnam Gangaraju keep the spirit of 'Amrutham' alive in the sequel.  More than Episode 1 (titled "Runanubandham-1"), it's the following episodes that seamlessly take you on a nostalgic ride, besides delivering plenty of laughs.  As someone who was an eager viewer of 'Amrutham' when it first went on air in the early 2000s, this reviewer can vouch for the comic value of the sequel.

The recapping of the lead characters of their quirky past comes with rib-tickling scenes and dialogue.  Amrutham and Appaji, together with Sarvam (Vasu Inturi), their loyal all-rounder at the restaurant, retain their knack for taking their misfortunes in their stride.  The repartees between the friends pack a punch.  

The Amrutham-Anji duo continues to believe that they have so much originality in them when it comes to thinking up business plans.  Their passion for becoming hoteliers of repute is undying.  

While their friendship remains one for the ages, they don't forget to taunt each other at regular intervals.  The reaction of Sarvam when he bumps into them for the first time after many years is strange but true to the cartoonish style of 'Amrutham'.  The sequel seems to mock the melodramatic tropes of cinema in a subtle way at times.  

As they go in search of an angel investor, Amrutha Rao and Anji face hilarious situations and insults.  Given their naivete, they are prone to be trapped by the cunning Appaji, who makes you salivate whenever he mouths the name of an item at Amrutha Villas.

Satya Krishnan as Amrutham's wife and Ragini as Anji's wife are enjoyable.  As the wife calls him Ammu, the lead man becomes cute in a jiffy.  If Harsha Vardhan is at his usual self, Sivannarayana continues to be awesome.  He is still that harasser-in-chief who sits in the judge's place (literally) even when he is the criminal!  When he says, "Modati boni naade. Anni manchi shakunale meeku inka", you know he is up to something.  His clauses continue to be baffling and extracting, something Amrutham and Anji can't escape from.  Or so it seems.    

The dialogues generate healthy humour and the 'God will plan your exit' takes the cake.  Funny spins on real-life names (such as Lena Dena Bank) land.   The 'Brahmotsavam' parody could have been better.  The English-language titling for the episodes (read 'When failure becomes your friend', 'The angel in disguise') is another takeaway.  

Kalyani Malik's theme music and Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry's 'Orey Anjaneyulu' are unforgettable.  They still sound fresh, somehow.  Mitesh Parvataneni's cinematography is able.

Verdict: The new avatar of 'Amrutham' makes for an enjoyable ride.  The characters retain their quintessential qualities and the actors showcase their performative skills with ease.  The vibe is nostalgic.


Cast: Harsha Vardhan, LB Sriram, Sivanarayana, Vasu, Satya Krishnan, Kasi Vishwanath, Ragini

Director: Sandeep Gunnam

Writer: Gangaraju Gunnam

Music: Kalyani Malik

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