A peek into Allu Arjun's Farm house

Allu Arjun's posh box-shaped home with a minimalist design aesthetic that camouflaged the interiors will blow your mind. Join us to enjoy the luxury

Front Facade

The minimalist front facade is devoid of windows or any architectural ornamentation, except for a slim horizontal glass strip that breaks the monotony of white.


The entrance leads into the living area alongside the pool. The dining, bar, kitchen and living are all located one after the other in a single space, giving it a loft-like vibe

Food and chill

This entire room overlooks the swimming pool and the lawns. To maximise this view, the wall that demarcates the interiors from the outdoors is constructed from glass

Dining Area

The bar counter is paired with contemporary white bar stools, while the wall behind it holds a rustic metal plank with nails that double up as bottle holders

Bed room

The only bedroom and bathroom in the house are located at the very end of the linear model. the bed is a raised platform made of cement, while the ceiling is left exposed


The shower and the bathtub embedded in the floor are framed by a skylight and filled with plants.


The 42 by 15-foot swimming pool anchors the house. The whole structure is constructed about four feet above ground level to give it a floating appearance

Kids Room

The kid's room is with blue hue wall and neatly arranged books and toys