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Meka Suri

Crime | Thriller

Season : 1Episode : 2Release Date : 31/07/2020


'Meka Suri' tells a crime thriller with its own set of twists. The rawness is direct and can be too much for you if it's not your kind of entertainment. Able performances are a plus.

Rating - 2.75 / 5

A Thriller With A Few Twists

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 31, 2020 ]

'Meka Suri' is currently streaming on ZEE5.  The OTT Original Telugu-language crime thriller stars newcomers.  Here is our review of the latest release.


Suri (Abhinay) is a skilled and ruthless butcher of goats in Singarayakonda.  He is madly in love with Rani (Sumaya), whose feelings for him are mutual. She works as a domestic help at the village's feudal lord Appalnaidu's (Sharat Kumar) home.  Her owner lusts after her and keeps making sexual advances.  This doesn't go down well with Suri, who takes a shocking decision.  What follows is a potboiler involving S.I. Veerabhadram (Naresh Byreddy), naxalites and more.  


Director Trinadh Velisala sets the story in a hamlet where the powerful are not ashamed of oppressing the weak and women are treated as objects of desire.  There is also the element of how a character can go to bolster an image of masulinity in the village.

'Meka Suri' scores decent marks in the way the male lead's character's journey over a period of time is portrayed.  For an audience so used to watching sanitized and glamorous heroes, this Original presents a total contrast.  There comes a point when Suri has to do some strange things just to save his skin or to avenge injustice.

The love story between the Suri-Rani duo is brief yet effective.  Yes, it's somewhat cliched and familiar; but it also sustains interest in the web of crime that is at the crux of 'Meka Suri'.  There are certain elements that look borrowed, especially from the Tamil cinema of the Madurai school.  Despite the obvious inspiration, the director successfully stays away from making it all look staged.   At about 85 minutes, there is a sense that the run-time is proper.

Prajwal Krish's background music fits the bill, while Pardhu Saina's cinematography is okayish.  The casting is near-perfect.  By and by, the unfamiliar faces are settling.  The lead actors come from a theatre background and they bring to the table a certain sincerity.  

One would have wanted the proceedings to be less convoluted.  There is no sense of closure.  With a 'Meka Suri-2' arriving soon, we hope there will be one in the near future.  

The main characters go through dehumanization and brutalization, but the proceedings hardly tug at your heartstrings.


'Meka Suri' tells a crime thriller with its own set of twists.  The rawness is direct and can be too much for you if it's not your kind of entertainment.  Able performances are a plus.


Cast: Sumaya, Abhinay, Naresh Byreddy, Sharat Kumar, Sravan Kumar

Director: Trinadh Velisala

Production: Simba Entertainment, 1725 Studio

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