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Aagathan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, February 18, 2010 • മലയാളം ]
Aagathan Review
Sathyaraj, Dileep, Zarina Wahab, Charmi

`Aagathan' was thought out to be a project that will help Dileep to regain his lost charisma at the Box Office. But even with good production values that is very much showing in its frames, the movie fails to create the effect that is needed to make that much evading hit in the career of its hero and director. The base thread of the movie has all colours and tones that could be translated into a hit. But a tighter screenplay and a deft handling of some sequences, at least towards the climax, could have done that trick which is sadly missing in the present outcome.

`Aagathan' has Dileep as Gouthan Menon, the only survivor from a big massacre that happened at the hands the terrorists in the hilly regions of Kashmir. He survived only due to timely intervention of the army men. After 14 years from the loss of his family, he is now a software techie landing at Bangalore and wooing Shreya, a beautiful girl of a retired General Hareendra Natha Varma. After playing a lot of cat and mouse game, and displaying his Good Samaritan activities to behold the attention of the heroine, Gouthan succeeds to earn the attention of Shreya who falls head over heals in love with him. But hardly does she know that Goutham has arrived with a definite plan, to take revenge on someone, on something that has derailed his life.

Telling more will ruin the plot though by this time you may have got the smell of the rat. That is what exactly happens while viewing `Aagathan'. The big shock and surprise that was kept in store is more obvious and comes out in a worse moment. Ravikumar's script and dialogues fails to cash on this twist in the tale and falter in delivering an intense psycho drama.

Kamal has played to his strengths in the initial reels but in the second half the movie falters to sustain interest as the sequences lack impact. The presentation of the shocking secret is too unbelievable and lacks the needed effect. I don't really know why the director has rushed through that apology discourse in the final reels, with Sathyaraj asked to deliver all the dialogues at one go. Had it been paced a little more slower with needed reaction shots, the burning suspense of the thriller could have worked out well. And similar is the final reels which give a rushed feeling.

In the cast lines, Dileep is better than his recent outings, dressed well but lacks the intensity in the sequences with Sathyaraj. The Tamil veteran could have opted for a better role for his landing, though he has performed well and is charming in his Army looks. Charmi and Zareena Wahab has nothing much to do than to appear pretty and fill the demands of the screenplay.

The highlight of the movie is definitely the visual beauty of the frames contributed by its cinematographer Ajayan Vincent. His spectacular visuals are the only thing that help the movie to enter the list of a watchable ones. Ouseppachan's couple of songs are a notch better than the rest heard in recent times.

Altogether, Aagathan's chances in the Box office seem to be quite dull. If marketed well, this may prove to be an average earner.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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