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Here's why Aamir Khan dislikes award shows 

Thursday, June 17, 2021 • Tamil Comments

Heres why Aamir Khan dislikes award shows 

It is a well known fact about Aamir Khan that he isn't a fan of award ceremonies. Since very early in his career, he stopped attending ceremonies and recently che talked about why he doesn't give much importance to awards. Aamir doesn't believe that it is fair to compare two saperate films. He stated, “At the end of the day, when we look at award ceremony of films, you all know my opinion little bit. Let me elaborate about it. How can you compare films? Like Lagaan and Dangal? Both are my films, how can you compare. Which is better? How can you say which is better? Can you compare the two? You can't. So I don't take awards so seriously."

He added, "Dangal is also good, Lagaan is also good. Imagine if they were made in the same year, one of the two would've won. Does that mean the other film is less? No, it does not mean that. It's just means that this jury found this one better. Another one would have found another better. Both are good films."

Aamir further explained that cinema cannot be totally objective. There's always subjectivity which is why it is impossible to accurately rate a film. He said, "When you talk about awards in Sports, there's no subjectivity, either you jump the highest or you don't, you have run the fastest or you have not. It's very clear, that one person is the fastest, and one person jumps the highest. It's not that way with cinema. It's very subjective. You like one thing, someone else will like another."

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